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Hi Sasha, I’m not totally into weddings myself, but my best friend is getting married in April and I'm her dutiful maid of honour. I'm actually beginning to understand the necessity of tulle in life. Anyway, she's stressing about gifts for her six bridesmaids and I really want to help her out, but I'm having no luck. She wants to do cute flip flops that all the girls can wear to the after party. But she's on a really limited budget at this point (think $0-15 for each pair of flip flops). Old Navy has awesomely cheap ones ($2.50 a pop), but they need more bedazzling glue gun help than either of us can give. Do you know of any stores or websites that sell truly adorable (and affordable) flip flops? She's a total girly girl/fashionista and won't be happy unless she finds a quality pair that don't look like poorly disguised shower shoes. Thank you!! jn

Cheap but nice looking flip flops, you say. Well, you’re right JN, this is a tricky because as soon as you start looking for bridal related items you’re gonna get done up the hoop with price. And I’ve gotta be straight up, if you’re not willing to get crafty then your bride might have to pay a tad more. And I can hear you all yelling at me right now…..I know you can find cheap flip flops, but they’re also going to look butt ass cheap.

My first option are these customized havianas. Havianas are known for being comfortable so they’ll be perfect for cutting a rug. What’s also great is this site allows you to add some crystal love. Now I know everyone’s inner bedazzled Barbie comes out during weddings but don’t go Jessica Simpson, ok? Just go with the 1 or 6 crystal option. And I know it’s a bit more than you want to spend but my inner china lady never accepts the first price. I would send a note to the owner of the store and see if you can knock a few dollars off. I’m always down for getting a bargain or at least I’ll try.

If Jessica Simpson is really what you’re shooting for then these ones from Target might be a good option. They’re cheap and as far as bedazzling goes these look pretty good without being tacky. Not my favourite of the bunch but they might float your boat.

Next on the list is this pair from Dessy. I know they’re plain but if the whole bridal party picked the same fun color then they would totally stand out and look special. They’re 15 bucks each, so that’s right on the money.

Lastly you guys know I’m a fan of Etsy and I really think these personalized flip flops are cute without saying ‘Hi, I’m a toddler’. They’re also within the budget, so that’s a bonus!

There you have it - I hope this helps! I also have a feeing there will be a few people who email suggestions so I’ll send those links your way too!

I'm attending a beach wedding in Fiji soon and would like some advice on an outfit I have in mind and whether it's too causal and/or bosworth victim... white tee and maxi skirt with chunky silver cuff and oversized clutch. I've seen it on netaporter and on a few celebs (including bosworth) as a cocktail option but really? It's seems way too comfy!! Thanks heaps, J.

J, I don’t know why everyone always gets so freaky over what to wear at weddings. In my opinion as long as you’re not wearing a velour jumpsuit or dressing like Bai Ling… you’re good to go.

As for your idea– I love it! And yes, Kate Bosworth was wearing a similar look from the Jil Sander collection. Now, the reason it worked so well on her was a) she’s an emaciated coat hanger - but more importantly, b) the fit was perfect. So J, if you’re going to pull this off, make sure the white tee is fitted and isn’t some raggedy loose thing. Tilda Swinton wore a similar Jil Sander look at the Globes and while I always give her a free fug-pass please take note that an ill-fitting shirt can ruin a fashion moment…no matter how fu-king ‘weird’ you are. Other than that, I say, go for it. Get some great dangly earrings to match your silver cuff. That and a tan, please, you’ll look amazing.

Also one last thing for all you people out there stressing over summertime wedding wear. There is a line that I just heard about that I’m really into – it’s called Josa Tulum. Have we discussed my feelings towards caftans? They are the sh-t. Period. They look great, they’re super versatile, and are perfect for covering a healthy booze bloat. Seriously, look through this site and check out all the patterns and colors, if you’re not in love, then maybe we can’t be friends.

Hey Sasha! I have 2 questions for you. Could you point me towards some amazing on-line options? Second question: seeing as how I'm 40, what do you think of about an age restriction on mini skirts? Obviously I'm not wearing anything that's just barely past my lady parts, but at my height(5’8) I feel like there's lots of great dresses out there that are too short for me, kind of a 'mutton dressed as lamb' situation. Is there a length that's just too short for a grown-up? Thanks Sasha! CW

Online shopping is like that bad boy in your life. You want to tap its ass all the time but the potential for damage can be scary. So while I try to refrain from actually buying stuff online, I do have my favorite go-to sites. Click the following links and get ready for heartbreak.



Now, onto your second question. Remember all the 40 year old birthday paraphernalia back in the day? The message was basically: dig your own grave cause you’re about to fu-king die. I still catch myself cringing at the thought of 40 especially when I realize I’m not too far off. But when that day comes I still plan to dress the way I do now. And sh-t, have you seen Sandra Bullock? Jennifer Aniston? J to the LO, hello? I mean, these women look hella hot and if anything they dress better than ever. (Lainey – LORELLA ARE YOU READING THIS??? I’m attaching a photo of my friend Lorella who has two children, is, um, maybe almost not in her 30s anymore, and who I’ve banned from “dressing like a mom”. Hot, right???) So my first bit of advice is that your style doesn’t have to change all that much from your 30’s. Obviously your body changes and you need to make those adjustments but that doesn’t mean give up. If you have a bangin’ body then I say, show it off. Obviously don’t go all Real Housewives on me here (need I remind you of hair tinsel?) but if you’ve got the goods then by all means. As far as length goes, I think the standard rule is: if you can’t cross your legs without struggling to protect the cooch, then um, it’s too short. So aim for a hemline that’s two and half inches above your knee cap - that’s a safe bet. I also think it’s all about balance. So, if you’re going to go short then don’t put your jugs in my face too. Got it? Good.

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