Where can I find good leggings? Lululemon are too sporty and thick, Majestic is shit quality, Aritzia they don't have good shine/hold...etc. They are my go to plane outfit with booties and a great top/scarf! Thanks S

You know how I feel about leggings, right? I’ll try not to be too judgey, just promise you won’t wear them like actual pants – ie tuck your tops into them. Oh and if you are going to do leggings this season at least make them a bit more interesting. Okay? So with that out of the way let’s get started.

First up are these leggings. Really dig the color, but most of all I like the mild slouching effect down the leg. Pair it with a warm cozy knit and some ankle boots and you’ll be looking very cabin chic.
Colored cords are a big trend for this season and I’ve heard a lot of good things about James Jeans. These look like proper pants to me, but hey, they say they’re ‘leggings’ so I’m going with it. Another legging disguised as a pant are these hot ass Rag and Bones. Love the olive color and they look hella comfortable.

Faux leather leggings are always a great way to up the style quotient and these J Brands look they’ll do the deed.

But fine, if you’re looking for a more traditional legging then check out these. Looks like Kim Kardashian is a fan so if she’s your measure for all things high fashion, by all means…