Written by Sasha

Hi Sasha,
I am short, very short I've heard Reese is too. I thought this coat looked very good on her, and I was wondering where I could get it and/or if you had any other winter coat suggestions for the vertically challenged forced to participate in the cold Canadian winter. Thanks very much.


You’re right, Reese is a shorty and as I’m sure you’ve heard before, most stars are way shorter in person than you would ever imagine, and their petiteness is even more amplified by their meatless bones. I once met Victoria Beckham and got a picture with her and I looked like a fu*king competitive burger eating champion. I burned the picture, no joke.

But when it comes to fashion choices I don’t think that you should feel stunted by style. I have a lot of short colleagues and friends that always bust out some pretty fresh fashions regardless of height. Obviously I would stay away from anything floor length or calf length, but most people can’t pull off that look anyway. A safe bet for most is to stay around the mid thigh area.

For winter coat wear, a prerequisite for me is some good ass coverage. Tell me you also fear catching hemroids from a cold surface…is that true? Either way, I could care less what I look like as long as I’m warm, so my Canada Goose parka is my winter staple. Having said that though, I really like Reese’s coat. I tried to figure out the brand and couldn’t make it out. I’m very frustrated so if anyone knows, help L out.

In the meantime, I found you some really close options. Click…
here, here, here, and here.

And as a side note, for people who are looking for a coat that not every person in the street will have, check out French line Sessun. Click here.

Hopefully some of these links help with your search L!

I have an unhealthy relationship with heels. I love the way they look but I hate. hate. HATE wearing them. I'm 5'9" already, and people give me enough grief about it as it is. Really, it intimidates or bothers people to no end to be around a tall woman so finally just gave up on wearing heels and ending up 6'1. I also have very flat feet, which has resulted in plenty of discomfort over the years. Plus, I live in New York--where I walk most everywhere. Trouble is, I want to wear heels. But they're so uncomfortable--my legs and back hurt after a day of only 2-inchers. But then I see the cute, petite young girls looking so styling in their nude pumps and I think, I can do that! But then I walk around the apartment in my slingbacks and realize that I can't. Is there a shoe for people like me? Do you have any suggestions for stylish, but reasonable/comfortable heels?

Hi AB!

I feel your pain. When I see women stomping around like it ain’t no thang I actually feel sad that god didn’t bless me with strong feet. Sure, on a weekend or a dinner out I’ll throw on some heels but I always get anxiety because I know within 20 minutes I’ll be doing some sort of gangsta shuffle. (Lainey: true story, Sasha is always in flats. Bitch, did you go barefoot at your wedding?)

But AB, if I were you I’d be so happy to be 5’9 that I wouldn’t give a sh-t about heels. But if you still don’t want to accept the fact that they’re literally crippling your ass, then here are a couple of options. By no means are they going to feel like your favourite pair of flats so you’ll just have to get a grip.

A stacked or hidden platform heel has been a bit of a blessing. It gives you the same height without feeling the intense pain of a crazy angled high heel. Look for anything with that extra stack in the toe area.





Next, when I used to think of wedges I would think of Britney Spears’ weird flip flop/sandals. But I’m glad I’ve overcome that image because I now really love the wedged shoe look. It levels your arch as much as humanly possible and if you’re doing a lot of walking around the city, this is the way to go.





And Cole Haan is its own category because apparently the deal is that their soles are made with the same technology as a Nike running shoe. I can’t personally vouch for the comfort factor but I’ve heard rave reviews.


I hope you find the right pair so you can stride with the best of them in that big city of yours, do me proud, because I’ll still be hobbling around town.

Hi Sasha,
I wear glasses 99% of the time. I’m wondering if I can pull off bangs, or would that be too much going on in that area of my head? If this helps with your analysis, I have stick-straight dark brown hair (nearly black) that goes to my upper back. I have a square face and wear glasses that are mostly rectangle sized with a slight upcurve at the outer corners. My glasses are nearly identical to these except slightly less curved in the middle.
What do you think? Fashion yay or nay? MH

Hey MH,

I want to get straight to answering your question but that picture you sent me was of Tina Fey! You know how Lainey, Duana, Sarah and I feel about the Fey, right? She’s the BEST! I wonder if she has any really bad qualities, probably not. So yah, I’m now picturing you as Tina--this is a good start.

Okay but back to your actual question. I really don’t think the issue here is if a glass wearing person can have bangs. Because the answer is absolutely YES. There are a lot of stars who pull the look off flawlessly. She may be boring as sh-t but Jennifer Garner always looks lovely. Chloe Sevigny (click here to see), Katy Perry, f-ck, Lisa Loeb is probably still rocking that look. So yes MH, the bang/glasses combo is something you should definitely think about doing.

And this is where the thinking starts because bangs are one of those things that can look amazing or they can bomb. I tried it once but my hair isn’t the right texture so there was always a weird cowlick and most days I just looked like a toddler.

So before you get chopping, talk to your hairstylist and see if you’ve got the right hair type. If she green lights you then don't go half ass with it. Get a thick bang because there’s really nothing worse than whispy fringe. For some reason it just reminds me of a comb over. And on days when you feel like the bang is sitting too heavy on your face, just do a little sweep across to open up your face. I’m sure they’ll look great on you but if they don’t, head to your nearest Shoppers or Rite Aid and stock up on some bobby pins.

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