Written by Sasha

Hello Sasha, The spring fashion previews are suggesting the return of flared jeans to replace the reign of skinnies. How can I get with this trend and look like I'm ahead of the style curve, rather than years behind? Cheers SW

SW, it is true, the flare is back with a total vengeance and I’ve gotta say I’m pretty excited. While I love my skinnies I’m really looking forward to some breathing room. I don’t know about you but sometimes my jeans are so damn tight that my legs feel like they’re in sausage casing. #f-ckmylife

So hooray for the wide leg!

Here’s the thing, it’s definitely a “look”. So if you can’t commit to some 70’s bohemian love in your life then don’t bother forcing the issue. Hop on the next trend train that works for you.

But if you must, here are a few tips. The best way to pull this off is with a great wedge or round toe heel with a blouse or really kick ass knit. What I don’t want to see is someone wearing them with pointy stiletto’s and like a tight gross looking camisole – that’s taking the look straight to bridge n’ tunnel territory. Please refer to Kat Von D for clarification. In order for this to work, it’s has to be polished and balanced. So the volume at the bottom needs to be paired with something more form fitting on top – so doing the tuck-in is the way to go.

However, if you still want to buy a pair but don’t want to fully commit to the dressier version then do what I plan - go super causal. I’m thinking I’ll wear mine with a flat sandal/flip flop, a cute t-shirt tucked in, and a cardigan. Pretty much exactly like Rosie Huntington sans the floppy hat.

As for where to buy. Gap has a whack load of different wide leg styles - I actually just bought this pair and I really love them. I also love love love Genetic Denim – by far my favorite denim line - and they’ve got some great styles in as well. And finally another favorite is Fidelity Denim - check out their Aloe wide leg .

So there you have it SW. And listen, if you can’t pull this look off no biggie, the skinny is going nowhere.

Hey Sasha! Sandal weather is approaching and the only summer heels I own are fancy. I'm looking for a good pair of everyday summer sandals that are comfortable and walk-able but cute. Any suggestions? S

S, I’m on the search for some summer shoe wear too, so let’s do this together, shall we?

First up, the wedge. I’ve come to the realization that I have some pretty delicate concubine feet. High Heels + > two hours = crack fiend shuffle. So thank god for wedges. And there are so many great options this season! So S, think about stomping around in something like this, this, this, this or oh sh-t this. I know some of these are pricey but hopefully they’ll give you some inspiration.

Next, I love me a flat sandal – it’s what I live in all summer long. As you may know by now I’m a fan of the Birkenstock but if that reeks of too much patchouli, then fine, I’ve got some other options. This season it’s all about strappy footwear so here, here, here, here, here and here for some great looks that will go perfect with jeans or a dress.

Now if you can’t work a really high heel in the summer – cool, but don’t you dare buy a kitten heel. What the F purpose does a half inch heel serve? Zero. So for the love of god, at least get something that’s in the two inch range. Okay, now that we’re on the same page, check out here, here, here and ohhhh here for some great heels.

And finally, flip flops. They’re obviously a major summer staple and while I know we can all find great affordable ones at Old navy or H&M, if you can afford to splurge a bit, check out TKEES. The colors are amazing and they’re definitely a step up from the usual.

Hi Sasha, I am about to graduate from university and I find myself required to attend a bajillion formal/semi formal events, and I need one...just one, little (not long!) black dress to get me through them, and many other similiar events for a LONG time. I am going to graduate school and quite literally have no money to be a non-outfit-repeater. I wore out my previous LBD but it is high time I retire it! (it's circa 2004, too big now, and its sequins (!) are falling off, among other things). I need to order my new dress online because the shopping is CRAP here and I'd end up with the same dress as someone else. I'm not against something a little bit edgy or with detail...I just need to be able to wear it again and again. I hope to spend~100$ or less (or a lot less, ideally) but I want to be realistic. I hope this wasn't like a terrible school assignment! Basically I just want to know what the best LBD is, if you only get one. Thanks x 1 000 000. –L

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people who are in need of dress help and there’s really nothing more versatile than a plain ol’ black dress so L, I’m here to help. And as a side note, I wish someone could come up with a better term other than LBD, it’s like the camel toe of words. Anyway, here ya go!

Isn’t this dress so Jennifer Aniston? She might be a yawn but she has great steez. It’s pretty much the ultimate in simplicity and sex appeal. Spanx or some sort of body condom will need to be involved but once shit’s in place – ta-dow!

At 70% off right now, you can’t find a more kickass deal. I’m basically foaming at the mouth for this dress.

Yah yah, I know this dress is over budget, but with 'Insert here' written all over it, I’m sure you can spare the extra two bucks.

I’ve never personally bought clothing from Victoria Secret but I saw this multi-way dress and it looks pretty damn amazing. It’s like a thousand dresses in one. Click on the purple color – it’s my look.

So yah, this dress is BEBE, and I might regret suggesting it, but right how I actually think it’s quite cute.

If you can afford to flaunt a bit of attitude then I think this ABS dress is great. Love the draping, dropped neckline and yes, I think you can still work a slight shoulder pad for a few more seasons.

And lastly I really love the flow of this dress. It’s got that SJP Halston feel but at only 10% of the actual price. At 50 bones you can get major use out of it and ditch it for something new next year.

So there you have it L, I hope this has helped narrow down the search!