I'm back with my TIFF fashion wrap so let's start off with a quickie about the people I wrote about last week - click here to see that article. To be honest, all of them were pretty uninspired. I had planned to flush out my thoughts, but since they were so uninspiring, here are my thoughts in note form...

Tilda Swinton
-too Hugh Hefner and not enough weird: disappointing
-Her skin is gorgeous, def no work done to it, right?

Jonah Hill
-Still find Benjamin Button body uncomfortable to look at
-Brad obvi hooked him up with a stylist
-Gonna guilt eat a burger for him tonight

Keira Knightley
-Don’t know where her skin starts and the where dress ends; a break of color needed – at least a red or coral lip
-Love her hair and eye makeup tho

Marc Andre Grondin
-F-cked the dog on this one; he has meaty upper thighs - ABORT
-Now into Michael Fassbender but maybe more into his gf Zoe Kravitz

Okay now that that's out of the way, let's dive in to the people and clothes that did keep me interested....

I'm frothing at the mouth with excitement over Stacey Keibler. Seriously, how the muther f-ck does George find these bargain basement beauts? Who cares, because I think he's found the best one yet. Sure, she may not have an Eminem tattoo like Elisabetta, or have been a contestant on Fear Factor like Sarah Larson, no, no, people, she is better!!! SHE USED TO BE A WRESTLER. How did I only just find out about this now? Amazing.

I promise I'll stop gushing soon, but give me one more minute. So, you know the night of George’s Ides of March premiere, well, George didn’t allow her in the car with him. Nope. No shot gun, no bitch, no cab chit - nada. How did she get there? SHE WALKED! Stacey Keibler hoofed her ass in what has to be THE definition of a walk-of-shame outfit, all the way to her boyfriend’s red carpet. And look at her in the pictures below…she's elated. I don’t know about you, but that’s my kind of girl. Now let’s take a moment to dissect this outfit because it couldn’t be more heinous. It's a velvet (really?), turtle neck (sick), backless (oh damn), t-shirt length (whoa) dress. Thank you Stacey Keibler – you just made my life.

I typically don’t dog on young stars, but I can’t help myself when it comes to Chloe Moretz. How does she have this much - pardon my Lainey-ism - TRY?! At 14 are you allowed to know how to look into a camera like that?! Sorry, but her precociousness is far too much for me.

Then she came along in this outfit with THAT hat. That. Stupid. Useless. Hat. Either wear it or don’t, but letting it sit on top of your head like you're balancing a napkin - that's not indie, it's idiotic. Are you with me on this or am I being an ol' cob webbed vagina again?

However, Chloe did redeem herself when she showed up the other night at the Sony party in a majorly cute outfit - it's head to toe D&G. Animal prints are in abundance right now and to help you on your search I just found this great top. I plan to purchase before the day is over. You in?

My best dressed of the fest is Madonna. She wore the sh-t out of that Tom Ford dress. I know Lainey already posted about her, but don't you wonder what her face would have looked like if she hadn't f-cked with it so much? I actually think she would have aged nicely like a Kim Cattrall or Diane Lane. Oh well, I guess we'll never know.
Anyway, the fashion lesson here is that we should all own at least one kick ass black dress and I found two Madge inspired options. Click here and here. Enjoy.

You know which dudes are still killing it out there? F-cking Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. Pearl Jam's Ten is on heavy rotation at my house and I have to say that my 'Alive' skills at Karaoke are pretty wicked. Just saying...

Anyway, Eddie Vedder was out here for the Pearl Jam doc and knocked out two concerts in the city...all the while looking hot. Dude can rival Ryan Gosling in the t-shirt/plaid wearing department any day. And Chris Cornell, please, look at his face. Those eyes and his hair - jesus - no, seriously, he looks like f-cking Jesus. And yes, I know his style is wack and dated, but I give him props for staying true to his rocker roots.

In honor of these two men I leave you with one of my favorite songs of all time - Hunger Strike. I guess this could also go out to Jonah Hill. Okay, I just made myself laugh. xx

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com and INF and Kevin Mazur/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Matt Carr/Sonia Recchia/Gettyimages.com