Written by Sasha

I'd like to know where I can get clever roomy carry-on luggage. When I travel, I go to several places during one trip (e.g., Europe equals Paris-Bruges-Amsterdam in 12 days). Lots of trains and/or planes. Want something practical, roomy and cute. I like the color orange. Thanks! S

Okay, I can’t promise orange but I can promise you something clever. (I really like that word btw.. So let’s roll out the options.

If you’ve got some dough to drop, Globe Trotter 1897 has been a travel staple, from well, I guess 1897. Check out their trolley case here. Simple, refined and pretty much has ‘I’m a baller’ written all over it.

Ta-dow! I just found something orange, I swear that wasn’t planned. Have you heard of Flight 001? They’re a really great site for all things travel. And check out this – it’s super durable, lightweight and cute. A good look without breaking the bank. Oh and here's another option from the collection that might get your mile high juices going.

Next, if you pack pretty lightweight then the Red Ox New York carry-on set could be great. It’s a three-piece set with compartments for clothes, toiletries and all your gadgets. The only downfall is it doesn’t have wheels, but if you’ve been hitting the gym then you can either carry it by the handles or flip it on your back like a knapsack.

Now, if you lean towards the sportier side then this Burton Wheelie cargo could work. I’m a big fan of snowboard companies when it comes to travel luggage. I always find them to be hard-wearing and sturdy.

Lastly, Tumi is a very well known trusted travel line – they have a sh-t tonne of carry-on luggage options so instead of flooding you with links – check out their site. But if you want my two cents, click here and here for my favorites.

There you have it - hope this makes you a bit more stylish in your travels!

Hi Sasha, Last September I had surgery on my right hip that has been causing me grief for the past 2 years. During my convalescence, I was able to eating fairly well but I still gained about 10 pounds overall. I'm not too concerned with everyday stuff since I can still get into a few things and I've been planning on wearing the sh*t out of maxi dresses in the summer. But the only ones I've been able to find, and like, are too expensive ($300-400 range...I want to spend no more than $150) or are too casual/cheap. Where would I go to find one in Vancouver that would still look amazing for one semi-formal wedding and one backyard bash? I only want to buy 1 dress since I know I won't be this size next summer. This is stressing me out since most things I find that I can afford are either too short or too tight. Thanks, D

I’m dying for summer so I can finally whip out my maxi dresses – I mean, why in the world would you wear anything else?! There’s zero thought involved in the mornings and because of the length you can get away with looking dressed up all the time. So D, I’m excited to find you the perfect one. I’ll start off with some simple looks and build from there.

Going with a solid colored dress with minimal detail is a no-brainer. You can get in out of the wedding and still hit up a mangy bar looking great. So if that’s what your looking for click here (look at the blue option), here and here.

This next dress is still simple but the fabric and utilitarian twist ups the sophistication a few notches. Throw on a cool gold chunky necklace, a few bracelets and you’re done.

‘Black don’t crack’ –that applies to the fashion world too, right? Either way, take a look at this dress. You could wear it for the next 20 years without it ever going out of style. So if you’re looking for a lifer, this is the one.

Next, let’s get into some prints. Summer is a time to play it up and have some fun with design so click here and here  for some fresh looks. However, I’ve gotta say that my favorite printed dress is this Calvin Klein – it’s amazing. Enough said.

I’ll end on my favorite. I’m actually in LOVE. The one shoulder, the print, the color - it’s perfect. I want. You need. Go get.

Hey Sasha, though I’m loving the look of the wedge heels that are all coming out, I hate their height! I'm already 5"6 and putting on 5" wedges makes me look like an Amazon!! Do you know of any awesome wedges that are still cute & flirty, but around 3"?

I’m 5’5, and while I may not be able to walk gracefully in heels, damn, I love towering over people. But the weird thing is I often hear people who are 5’6 complain that they feel like a giant in heels….so what’s the deal with that? What’s that extra one-inch all about??

Sorry, I digress.

L, if what you want is three inches, let’s get started.

This season everyone needs a great earth-tone colored shoe so with that being the case here are a few ideas. First, check out these wedges from Top Shop. They’ll look great with any get-up and the straps will be sure to prevent any ankle breaking in your future.

I’m a big fan of suede these days and I love the look of these camel colored Kate Spade numbers. Good, right?

Who knew UGG’S made anything other than sh-t-ass-ugly-amazingly-comfortable boots. Well they do and these shoes are pretty damn cute and I’m sure, hella comfortable.

Moving on from earth tones, we all know you can’t go wrong with black but what I’d suggest is investing in something that’s a bit unique. And these Reiss wedges are the way to go. I tried to find out the wedge height and couldn’t, but let’s just pretend they’re the height you’re looking for.

On the flipside, color is a big story for spring/summer so think about incorporating at least one colored shoe into the mix. Red is quite the popular choice these days so check here and here for a couple of options that will kick up your look.

Finally espadrilles – don’t know how they’re different from a ‘wedge’ but it’s got a special name so I’ll just go with it. Check out these Cole Haan’s. They are the perfect neutral and will give you quite a few bangs for your buck.

And while we’re on the subject of espadrilles I got an email from LT asking where she could find Kate Middleton’s ‘Lanvin’ espadrilles she wore right after the wedding. Lainey, who might as well now be an inbred cousin of the Royals, told me they’re actually LK Bennett – a high street brand, which means they’re totally affordable. Now, for the sad news - the shoe is an old design and is no longer available. But before you set your hair on fire, there IS talk LK Bennett will reproduce them – and unless they’re dumb f-cks - of course they will. So you have a couple of options: wait it out, look on ebay.co.uk or buy something similar to them. And if you’re down for Option C check out Aldo, Michael Kors, and Jessica Simpson for great versions of that shoe.

On that note…I’m out.

Photo from JOHN STILLWELL/Gettyimages.com