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Sasha! Heading to one of my favourite places in the world in 2 short weeks.... Coachella.
My challenge? I am not a size 0 celeb easily finding the perfect festival fashion - but am a busty size 14 trying to wear something cool (in both the figurative and literal sense!....could be pushing 90 degrees) that doesn't make me feel self conscious about my plus size self. I have some great cross body bags and sandals.....but struggling with how to choose trendy but not overly revealing clothes....Can you help? K

Oh you lucky bitch. Okay, I’ll try and get over my jealousy and help you out.

As we all know Coachella is as much about the music as it is about the fashion! So let’s first take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate this Beyonce outfit. It’s so very wrong and right at the same time.

But back to you Kelly. Even the straightest arrow will let loose and show it off at Coachella, so while I don’t want you to ho it up, it is all about showing some skin and throwing up deuces.

The breeziest way to work this look is with a dress. So let’s get started.

As I mentioned a while back, the color white is a big trend. And trust me when I tell you there will be a lot of girls working this color. And this Free People dress is so freaking perfect for Coachella. I love the prairie girl vibe, the length, and here’s hoping the upper half will house those jugs of yours.

This next dress is my favorite. You can never go wrong with black lace. I love the cut, the detailing at the bottom, plus, this dress will allow for some major ventilation action.

If you’re up for being a bit more playful and experimental then take a peep at this link. I absolutely adore it. And while the slit is pretty dang high, you could definitely throw on a black slip or some jean shorts for more coverage.

I love a good jersey dress and I’m feelin’ the simplicity of this one by Banana Republic. I hate that they’ve styled it with leggings so Kelly, if you get this dress, for the love of god, ditch them and go bare legged.

What do you think about this option? It’s a bit too much volume for my liking but if you belted that sucker, it would look a sh-t load better. Either way, I’m super into those bat wing arms.

If all else fails a maxi dress is a no brainer. You can accessorize it any which way you want and still look effortless. Check out this J Crew maxi and this Roxy one.

So there you have it K, I hope you have a great time.

Dear Sasha, at what point/age do certain things become “inappropriate?” For example, I like to wear occasionally bright/colored/festive headbands. I’ve gotten some really cute ones from H&M or Forever 21. The problem is, even though I look 24, I’m really 37 – around the corner and down the street from 38. At what age do we have to give up “Alice in Wonderland?”

If you like headbands, then I say wear headbands. I’d feel bad to tell you not to wear something if you get lot of pleasure from it. And with the royal wedding coming up soon, everyone’s fascinated by the fascinator. That’s a bandwagon everyone will be jumping on. My only advice would be to keep the look in check. Don’t go overboard with too much frou frou, especially if you’re making this a more frequent sort of look. Take this picture for example that I tweeted Lainey for her royal inspiration. I give the guy props for his bold self expression, but, maybe, just maybe he could have done without the netting over the entire face. Just saying. Sure, mix it up with a feather or a bow here and there - just don’t go over the top.

The key here is to stay true to your sense of style while at the same time letting it evolve as you get older. For example I’ve always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but my t-shirts are no longer hypercolor – you get my drift? And then look at someone like Jennifer Lopez. She’s still dressing like her “On the 6” days but in a more refined way.

Though, for some reason there are still some middle aged women who just don’t get it. Granted these women usually star on Real Housewives, but just so that we’re all on the same page here are a few items you should never wear unless you’re a tween.

Juicy couture track suits.
Yes, they’re crazy comfortable but unless you’re running around a mansion like a new age concubine sucking mad ol’ dick, you’re not allowed to wear them.

Bedazzled anything.
I will actually throw something at you if you’re bedazzled or vagazlled. The end.

Hair Glitter or Tinsel
We talked about this already; don’t make me have to say it again.

Short skirt with athletic socks pulled up to your knees
Are you a harajuku girl? Didn’t think so.

Plunging necklines
I love some good cleavage and by all means be sexy until the day you die, but if I’m millimeters away from seeing an areola, we’ve got a problem.

Hope this has helped! xx

Hi Sasha! I am traveling to Italy in late May and wondered if you give me advice. Could you recommend some shoes that are good for walking but also fashionable? The weather will hopefully be warm so my outfits will largely consist of dresses. Grazie! S

S, I’m gong to Italy soon too so walking shoes is something I’m in need of as well. So if you don’t mind, we’ll be shopping together.

Okay, for days when there’s some serious sight-seeing to be had, the best bet is to find a cute AND comfortable pair of kicks. First, check out Bensimon. They’re a super lightweight shoe with a variety of different color and pattern options. And I can absolutely attest to the comfort factor. Another kick ass thing about them is you can literally jam them into the tiniest corner of your bag and they don’t get ruined. Next is Toms. I don’t own a pair but I hear they’re the sh-t. I like the fact they’re low cut enough so they don’t give you the whole stump leg look. Lastly, look into picking up a pair of Keds. Remember when Mischa Barton was the face of the brand – that was the height of her career, poor girl. Anyhoo I love the collaboration Keds did with Opening Ceremony - check them out here. S, any or all of these options will be perfect!

Next up, sandals. If you’re looking for some basic here are some options for inspiration.

I like some support when I’m hoofin’ around and I find that elastic helps with the crippling pain. So check out these Dolce Vita sandals – I love. And if those aren’t to your liking what about here or here?

I’m not a cutesy putesy type of girl but if you like a bit of pretty in your life, check out these. They would look good with just about anything.

I’m a real big sucker for god-y turquoise lookin’ things and this pair of sandals and I would get a long quite nicely. How about you?

Earth tones are very on trend and I love a good natural brown color – it lengthens the leg and goes with anything you might be sporting. Click here and here for some good basics.

And lastly it’s all about the wedge. I actually looked around my room the other day and realized that all I have now are wedges. They are just so much easier to walk and stand in. So for days where you’re not speed walking, these are some looks that made dribble come out of my mouth. Click here, here, here, here and here and good god here.
You get the picture – there’s a sh-t load to choose from out there.

Hope this helps! Now I’m off to find some expandable pants for all the binge eating I plan on doing. xx

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