Written by Sasha

Hi, I have lost about 20lbs in the last year and I would love to show it off this spring with leggings; however, I have had no luck finding any. I was never really in to them before and now that I'm looking, all of the ones I find that are long enough are actually just tights with no feet. I'm 5'9" and have not been able to find any nice leggings that actually come all the way to my ankles! Please help! I live in Vancouver and would prefer to buy them somewhere where I can try them on! D

Nice work on dropping all that poundage - I don’t even know you and I’m proud of you. And because I care I’m also gonna have to get real with you, D.

It’s time to ditch the legging idea STAT.

Listen, I don’t want to question your style skills here, but there are just so many things that can go wrong with the legging. I don’t know when people started to think it was okay to wear them like pants, but for everyone reading, it’s not. By no means should there be tucking-in of any sort and jesus, don’t even think about wearing a short top. The sight of a woman’s pubic bone makes me feel gross inside. #sothanksbutnothanks. In my opinion, leggings should be left to prego ladies, tweens, weekend grocery shopping and the cottage.

And fine, I know people like wearing dresses over them but like, what’s the point of that? Why can’t you just wear the dress solo? But having said that, there is a bit of a grey area for me, because when I see someone like Adele or even that crack fiend Amy Winehouse wearing them, I’m okay with it. And I think it’s because they do it in that whole rock-a-billy 70’s way. So D, if that’s your steez - ok. Free pass. Otherwise please refrain.

And shit yo’, why do you want your first new hot summer item to be Lycra? It’s seriously not going to do anything for your new found hot bod. So D, I beg you; can you just do something a tad cuter? Like how about a great pair of cropped ankle jeans or just a really skinny pair of jeans. Anything but leggings, please.

Hi Sasha, I just spotted a beautiful khaki maxi skirt from Michael Kors in Marie Claire but at $2,200 it's WAY over my budget. Can you please help me find something comparable? What I love about this skirt is that it seems to be a nicely weighted fabric for a maxi skirt. None of that gauzy, boho, crap I usually see. I can see myself wearing it this summer with super high wedges and a fitted knit tee or with t-strap flats and a crisp, white shirt.

I’ve gotta say your style vision is right on the money. But you don’t like a litttttle boho, not even a tiny bit?

As a side note: I just peeped that skirt link, and please, it’s nice and all, but 2 G’s? – f-ck off, Michael Kors.

Okay, I’ve done some serious searching and I’m just going to be upfront, there’s nothing really like that MK skirt because if there was, it wouldn’t be that damn expensive. But I really tried, so here we go!

Right off the bat, I’m putting my best foot forward with this skirt. In terms of color, detail and overall feel, I’m giving myself a pat on the back. That’s pretty freaking close, non?

Okay, now this is where I start to veer off. You’ve been warned…

So this J. Jill skirt is definitely a bit more casual but I love the color options. The fact that it’s linen will eliminate that whole boho bullshit you hate so much.

I know you don’t like that gauzy stuff but how about a chiffon skirt? The material will still give you that weight you’re looking for plus, I like that that this kind of fabric ups the ante a bit – would look great with a pair of strappy sandals and will look dope with a pair of wedged heels.

Are you like me and spend money you don’t have? If yes, click here.

And finally this last skirt is far from what you asked for but damn, it’s really nice. And while it’s not super cheap, it’s definitely one of those pieces you’d have for forever.

Okay that’s all I have for you. Did I fail you?

Hi Sasha, I want to buy a cross body bag and want the strap to have some chain detail. (I like Chanel but can't get my husband on board for blowing $4,000 on a bag). Would love some help. (Also, I am partial to silver over gold and need it to be work appropriate for a conservative office).

Ahhh, my dream too is to own a Chanel bag– Lainey can’t you hook me up or like, can’t your mom do some Chinatown bargaining with Karl?

Now, I’m not a bag whore but I’ve gotta say I definitely have an affinity for chain bags. So searching one out for you is a serious pleasure. Let’s do this.

I have a love/hate with Coach but I have to say that lately they’ve been churning out some great designs. I splurged last year on a great brown leather chain bag and although I had to eat instant noodles for a month to pay it off, it was well worth it. Go to the site and check out the ‘Madison embossed python large shoulder bag’ and the ‘new occasion metallic leather crossbody’.

Next, Flare Magazine (for everyone outside of Canada - it’s a fantastic fashion glossy) has designed their own chain bag in a bunch of different colors. Click here to check them out. My favourite is the grey one.

Keeping on the grey tip, I stumbled across this Botkier hobo bag. Good, right?

I recently discovered this great Canadian line called Sienna Ray. Their online store will be up any day now but in the meantime check out the tuxmax and regal handbag. I don’t know the exact prices but I do know for a fact that all these bags are under 500 bones. (Lainey: I like the “quincy”.)

I’m not a huge fan of the rip off Chanel quilted bags but if you ‘dun give a shit then this Aldo one is hella cheap. And then of course you can never go wrong with Marc Jacobs. Actually I just changed my mind, after looking at both of these, I’m down with rip offs.

And finally: need I say more?