Written by Sasha

Sasha,I am looking for some summer swimsuit fashion advice. I am post baby #2 and that mom pouch is still hanging around, so bikinis are only in if I plan to be standing up at all times wearing one. So, I am looking for a one-piece swimsuit that is less speedo more milf and won't break my mat leave budget.Thanks,

I always swore that I’d never do a one-piece but I’ve recently changed my mind because a) I’m a fickle bitch and b) there are so many cute ones on the market right now. AG, if you’re going to go the onezie route, then the key is to have some fun with prints and cut, otherwise, it’s just one big snooze factory. So, let’s hold hands and dive in together.

Minnow Bathers is a cool new line that’s injecting a bit of indie flavour into their designs. Check out this – it's simple, yet the middle cut out gives it a very retro sex appeal. I don’t know what kind of tan lines this will produce, but let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.

Next, this Missoni suit. The structured sweetheart neckline is super cute and what I love the most is the pattern; the super soft colors will look amazing on any skin tone. And I’ve gotta say I’m down with the full butt coverage on this as well. There’s never a need for a wedgie or a vadgie. (I just made that up but I’m pretty sure it’s self explanatory)

Whenever there’s a pic of Beyonce on a yacht I perv on it for days. This one here is my favourite. (I have a problem) Anyhow, I couldn’t do this post without finding a B inspired bathing suit. And here it is. Come on…as far as bathing suits go, it’s a stunner.

Bad bathing suit lines are never a good look so if you can go strapless AG, this one is the way to go (click and scroll to the Kinaree). Sure, it’s probably not the most functional for deep sea swimming but if you’re a sand surfer like me, then it will totally do the trick.

WHAT?! Spanx makes bathing suits!?! Well sh-t, if anything is going to suck you in….

And lastly, if you’re thinking all of these are nice but what you really want is something more basic but still with a bit of a twist then fine, click here, here, here and here.

I need help finding an amazing book bag for my master's program. I'm starting summer workshop classes in July, so I need something soon. I want something that can hold a small stack of books, maybe fit my 15 inch macbook pro, and is vegan (or is made with recycled leather/suede). I'm looking for stylish and classic - perhaps something you could imagine Kate Middleton would've carried at St. Andrews. I know it's smarter to wear a backpack, but I'm partial to messenger style bags and totes.

K You had to throw the vegan part in there, didn’t you? But K, I’ve gotta give you props for being style conscious, you are a better person that I am.

First up, the accessory king of all things vegan is Matt & Nat. If you haven’t heard of them then you’ve been living in a hole. They have tonnes of style options on their site but here are my two favourites – click here and here.

You know my love for ETSY and I just found a very cool line called Pippi Hepburn. The store is filled with leather alternative handbags. There are some great styles to choose from but the faux suede bag and the vegan Crocodile bag caught my eye.

Oh and another great ETSY store is Hoakon Helga. She uses recycled leather for all her handbags. I don’t need to tell you that I love the Aztec lap top/overnight bag.

Next is this Marc Jacobs bag. I mean, I don’t think you need convincing. It’s great. Full stop.

I’ve gotta admit that I usually think messengers look like sh-t but I actually like this one. The color combo gives it that old school charm, which will definitely stand the test of time.

Now I know you don’t want a stitch of real new leather but I have to introduce you to Kayu Design. Their totes are fantastic! Not only are they super eco conscious but they’re totally style savvy. There is so much thought and love put into one bag that I couldn’t go without mentioning them. They were even nominated for a sustainable award from Conde Nast – so, yah, they are no joke.

Hope this has helped! xx

I was invited to a friends wedding. But when I got the invitation in the mail it said black tie attire! I've never been to a black tie event and I have NO idea what to wear now, and to make matters worse I don't have a huge budget $200 max. at the knee or just above the knee is my comfort level for short dresses. I would really appreciate any suggestions you have to offer! Thanks! Black Tie Clueless! L

Am I the only one who hates dress codes? I find them kind of insulting. Like, unless it’s a Halloween themed party then I feel like I should be allowed to make my own fashion choices. Ok, I might actually be overeating – (I started to write ‘overreacting’ and my computer auto-corrected into ‘overeating’ - #fmylife).

Anyway L, at least black tie is pretty straight forward, it just means come done up to the tits. So I always find the best option is dress in black and I’ve sourced a few good looks in your budget:

You can do no wrong with this dress. This is something Ivanka Trump would wear – have I expressed she’s kind of my new obsession?

I love a good flow to a dress and this Free People one is so pretty. The slight embossed print and asymmetrical drape gives it a very vintage feel.

Everyone woman should have one sequin dress in their closet. It will always save your ass when you’re having a wardrobe meltdown and there’s a Jay Godfrey gem on sale right now – so click here.

Admittedly this dress is on the short side but I’m throwing it out there just in case you don’t have 9 foot long legs like the model in the photo. Click on the black color option. It’s super flirty and cute.

And to round out this post below are three links to some simple black dresses that you cannot go wrong with. Click here and here and here.

Have fun at the wedding! Now, I’m off to overeat.