Written by Sasha

This week I’m answering your doppelgang star style queries. So let’s get started!

A lot of you wrote in about Zoe Saldana’s outfit here. No way, no how, could I pull this off without looking like a 9 year old, but obviously Zoe proves this look can be done and quite well I might add.

Let’s first start with her dress. For something similar check out this plaid number from Blue Fly or this one from Max Studio – either will do the trick. And I just stumbled upon this MJ dress. Granted it’s a totally different color than Zoe’s, but the tiering is quite similar and whatever, its still mega cute.

The woven belt is the next item and from what I can tell she’s wearing a grey one, which you can mirror on the cheap at Old Navy. But feel free to mix it up with a black or brown belt as well.

Over top of the dress she’s thrown on a light navy blue cardigan. Click here and here to cop the look.

And finally, her espadrilles. Sh-t, those are some enviable shoes. Love them. Click here for some great knock offs. But be warned my cankle friends, this is not going to do you any favors so make sure to find something that doesn’t have an ankle wrap.

Happy shopping!


Hi Sasha, What about this?

I know Lainey doesn’t like Marchesa but I kind of love it and I have been fantasizing about this dress since she wore it last year. Is it available? Are there any knock-offs? M

First off, Lainey wants clarify she did really LOVE this outfit. (check the original post, link, above) M, she’d like you to eat your words.

Personally, I adore everything Marchesa and you’re right, this black tulle cocktail dress was perfect. But here’s the bad news, the dress was from fall 2010 and it’s long gone – I can’t find it anywhere. Also, more bad news - there are no exact ripoffs, but we can still find you something just as flirty and fun. Let me try and lift your spirits.

Tulle can be a dangerous fabric so make sure you steer clear of anything that might put you into Toddler and Tiara territory. Now that we’re on the same page check out this dress from The Outnet. I’m digging the tiers on the dress, and that overlay on the top half is great. It’s also over 50% off right now so get clicking.

Another element of SJP’s dress that I love is the fullness of the skirt and this Phoebe couture dress is a great take on that silhouette.

If what you really want is some Marchesa in your closet then this ruffle cocktail dress is the closest thing you’re going to get.

Finally, I don’t know what kind of cash you’re rolling with, but if you thought you could afford Marchesa than I’m going to assume you’re not dumpster diving these days. And if that’s the case check out this Lanvin dress. Come on, I don’t think there’s much more to say.


Sasha, OK, so I really, really despise this poser attention whore bitch, and I usually could give a crap about anything she wears. But this top/blouse (?) ensemble got my immediate attention two years ago, and I haven't been able to find anything anywhere enough like it that I'd be willing to spend my hard earned money on it. Any help would be so much appreciated! – J

Whoa, that’s some real dislike you have for Rachel Bilson. I actually don’t mind her all that much, but I still don’t understand how she’s relevant. Did I ever tell you about the time I didn’t use toilet paper on the toilet because I knew Rachel had just used it minutes before me. No, I didn’t? Oh that’s because I’m a disgusting pig. Anyway, back to her fame…I guess she has Kate Bosworth syndrome, like, only famous for being pretty and wearing nice clothes, right?

Okay J, because this outfit is also from a while back there is oh so much I can do. However what is still current is the crochet trend – it’s totally still on point. So here are some outfits that will give you the same sort of feel.

The key here is to make sure you don’t get mistaken for your granny’s tea cozy, so make sure that you search for a modern crochet pattern. This vest is pretty spot on, however it is lacking the puffed sleeve. But if you shove a top like this underneath, you’ll be in business.

And check out another few vest ideas here and this one here is my personal favorite.

What Rachel does best is mix sophisticated pieces with a bohemian twist. So check out this Free People top. Love it. But here’s the deal, don’t you dare copy how it’s styled with the pants – you don’t want to go totally Woodstock. So take a style note from Rachel and pair this top with a pair of khaki shorts and it will be the perfect summer airy look.

Another way to get the same sort of feel is to incorporate the crochet detail into a top.
Check some options here, here, here and here.

So there you have it – hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration! And keep sending me you favorite celebrity styles that catch your eye. xx

Photos from Wenn.com and from PUNKD Images