Written by Sasha

This will be my last post until the New Year but please continue to keep writing in with any fashion or life questions. I’ll be back home in Van-City getting rained on while my mom force feeds me, so I’ll have loads of time to read your emails!

It’s been a fun few months talking smack with all of you and thanks again for trusting me with all your questions!

Hey Sasha. So, I get tipping at restaurants, but can you explain how much I should tip my hairstylist or my eyebrow waxer? I'm never sure. Help! Thanks! J

J, I’ve been plagued by this dilemma for a very long time as well. Lately the act of tipping has really started to irritate me because if I have to tip every goddamn person for everything I get done, I’ll soon be living in a card board box. And I don’t want to sound like a whiny bitch, but no one tips me at my job, so when did it become a thing to give money on top of money?

Now, I don’t know how much hairstylists make but the ones I know don’t look like they’re hurting - they’re usually way better dressed than I am. Don’t get it twisted, I love my hair stylist and am grateful for her talent but getting your hair did ain’t cheap - that sh-t is at least two bills a visit! And seeing how one day I’d like to have a child who’d probably enjoy eating on a regular basis, I’ve decided to scale back on tipping in the hair department. I don’t give any more than a ten-er for a cut and color combined.

When it comes to eyebrows, waxing and pedis, I’ll usually tip 15-20%. My reasoning is that these women get pretty down and dirty with me in some rather intimate ways so I want to pay my respect. Plus, these services are generally cheaper so it’s easier on the wallet to give a bit more.
J I hope this helps! And if it doesn’t, you’re probably just as confused and now think I’m a cheap bitch.

Hi Sasha,
I've just come back from 6 months travelling and I've gained 8kgs (approx 18 lbs). The weight is pretty evenly distributed. My arse has exploded my tummy and my boobs too - even my cankles have cellulite ripples. All of my clothes are crap from travelling and I've lost all of my bras along the way, so I live in bikini tops, wife beaters, yoga pants and flipflops. Oh, and I'm short too. I don't want to spend a lot of money on clothes that hopefully I won't need in a few months, but in the meantime, I need to look vaguely presentable….without looking like a fat backpacker in a caftan. I live in Australia so we've got decent weather for the next six months. xxD

D, the fact that you get to live in yoga pants and wife beaters AND live in Australia – please, I’m finding it hard to feel bad for you. But fine, I’ll still point you in the right direction.

Now I’m a huge fan of kaftans so I hope you change your mind when it comes to them because I think they’re beautiful! And if done right they are so whimsical. Yes I said whimsical. I’m not saying to go all Whitney Houston circa 2007 but take a look at this one by Nicole Farhi - below. Imagine wrapping a nice brown belt around it and throwing on some strappy flat Grecian style sandals - come on, you could live in this everyday. And if you wanted to dress it up a little bit more this All Saints kaftan is equally as pretty. And the best part is even when you lose the weight you can still cinch these up with a belt and get use out of them when you’re back to your regular size.

As for these yoga pants, yes, you shouldn’t be wearing them as often as you are. It’s the fashion equivalent to waving the white flag – it’s clear indication that you’ve given up. So ditch them and step up the cute factor with a looser cropped pant like these navy pants or these slim cargo pants.

Also I definitely encourage you to shop online at Virginia Johnson – her dresses and tunics are perfect for what you’re looking for. Slap on a pair of leggings underneath, bunch up a few bracelets together and you’ll look great. But if these are a tad too pricey then I would head straight into your nearest American Apparel and find some plain long jersey tunics. They have these amazing long, soft collared shirt dresses that are really a good find. And to avoid feeling like a giant tent, again, belt that sucker up to emphasize that you still have a waist. Jersey fabric is great in the warmer weather and it doesn’t get any more comfortable. This Ella Moss dress is on sale right now and the mild draping of it could be really flattering. Check it out here.

D, and don’t forget, just because you’ve gained a bit of weight it doesn’t mean you should punish yourself by wearing baggy clothes 24/7. Of course hit the sale rack, but still look for things that make you look and feel great!

Sasha,I have an athletic build, my legs are not long nor lean. Sigh. Every winter I become increasingly bitter as I see all the girls wearing their skinnies with boots tucked in looking so dang cute! I can't even find a nice looking boot that will fit over my calf. Some "wide calf" styles look so gross, I just couldn't even go there. Is there any hope for me with this dilemma? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Bree

Bree it’s a bitch finding a pair of flattering boots, right? I’ve had such a hard time this season that I’ve actually given up all together. But don’t adopt my defeatist attitude because with enough persistence you’ll find what you’re looking for. So here are my suggestions.

For an everyday boot Frye’s are your best bet. They will ding your bank account but you’ll have them forever and the more worked in they get, the better the look. I have these and love them to death. But if those aren’t quite your steez then check out the rest of the collection and see if anything floats your boat.

I also have a friend who bought these beauty boots from J Crew – they’re damn good! You can get them in a regular size, which are actually quite roomy but they also have an extended calf option for us athletic types. My friend’s actually pregnant right now so her calves have swelled but she tells me she there’s still room to spare. I’d buy them too but I can’t cop her style. Bitch.

Now Bree, lately I’ve gone a bit mental and have been buying a lot of what I like to call ‘lezzie boots’. But the basic translation is: ankle boots. I’ve bought a couple pairs from Zara and these ones are my favourite. They’re not tight around the ankle and have this perfect slouch so that I’m able to tuck my skinnies into them and for whatever reason when I look in the mirror they look pretty dang cute.

(From Lainey: for the record, I LIVE in lezzie boots. Mine are KG by Kurt Geiger. Click here to see.)

But if you feel too self conscious with an ankle boot, your next option is a mid-high lace up boot. Something like these Topshop ones would be great to have in your closet. This particular style is a really big trend so I can’t promise longevity but I do think you can rock them for at least a couple of seasons.

I hope this helps! And if you’re still stuck in delusional tween land like I am, make sure to put a couple of these on your Christmas list for Santa.