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I was flicking through some pictures and saw a whole heap of ratty ass extensions - is it really universally hard to get good extensions? The reason I'm intrigued because my very dear friend has about a month ago got extensions. they are HIDDY and she paid $600 for them which is ridiculous considering we're both students. When I say hiddy, I mean awful. She's a really gorgeous girl but these new lank additions just take away from it. She loves them so we haven't said anything as its not hurting us BUT shes due to start a new high-powered job overseas with Goldman-Sachs and I need to tell her to take them out? Any nice way to do this? I love her to bits but there is only so much talking behind her back I can take before I tell her to sort it out. JM

Amen JM! I too wonder how it’s possible that stars with all their access still manage to bust out such sh-t ass weaves and extensions. How does Kim Kardashian know how to wear them so well yet Mischa Barton looks like she just cross-stitched them into her own head?

But of course when we think of butt-ugly extensions no when comes close to Brit Brit. I know girl is teetering on sanity but her ‘do has truly never recovered after her mental breakdown. And I know it’s not nice to make fun of people who are bat sh-t crazy but can we relive this moment where she could hardly keep here eyes open.

This was really the height of her hair woes.

When it comes to extensions I can almost handle seeing the knots bulging out, the bigger problem for me is when they don’t blend in right, leaving a short-long effect. Like Lindsay at this years VMA’s –need I say more.

So now that you and I share the same disdain I’m sorry to hear that your homegirl has gone down this unfortunate path. You absolutely need to get Dr Phil on her ass but I understand that you don’t want to hurt her feelings. To me it’s much like when you see a girl with a tampon string hanging out of her bikini. At first you double take, then you start feeling flustered because you can’t let the situation continue any longer than it already has! But how do you confront the situation without embarrassing her?

JM, there’s really no perfect way of delivering this news. You have to just be straight up without coming off judgmental. And it’s a simple as this: “I love you very much and I always want to be honest with you and I hope you’d be honest with me too, but I have to tell you, your extensions aren’t looking too fresh.” She’ll probably be a bit horrified at first but she’ll get over it and thank you later.

p.s. I’m totally stealing the word ‘hiddy’ and bringing that to Canada.

I am one of those girls who has worn jeans and a t-shirt almost everyday of my life. In the last couple of years I've become much more interested in fashion, but I have a hard time dressing up or dressing differently, it makes me feel self-conscious. Lately I've been very taken with menswear-inspired looks - blazers, etc. - but now I feel like instead of the pretty-but-serious look I had in my mind, I'm just dressing like a dude. What are some basic pieces you would recommend that I could incorporate into my wardrobe to make it more feminine without being over the top? I am definitely not a girly-girl, but I do want to look nice. Thanks! C

I love me some good menswear on a woman but C, if it’s not done right it can look less Diane Keaton and more Paula Poundstone

The key is to keep it feminine. I often find when my inner China boy wants to rear his head, the easiest way to dull it down is by adding a pair of earrings. I swear, when you find the right ones it all of a sudden pretties up the look. I’m super into big silver earrings right now so search out some cheap options that you can rotate throughout your week. A lot of people are excited about Carole Tanenbaum’s affordable jewelry collection at Winners – it’s pretty perfect for the holidays so check it out! Click here.

You also can’t be too literal with the look either. Just because a man wears a pantsuit it doesn’t mean you can throw on the same one. It all comes down to tailoring and finding a blazer that fits right. If you have some dollars to spend the best line is Smythe but if you’re looking to save some dough you might just have to search a bit harder for the right fit. Lately I’m into blazers that have a bit of a ‘hang’ to them and Aritzia has this fantastic one - it’s just a more feminine spin on the structured look. I also hate the saying ‘you can dress it up or down’ but it really does apply here. And if you’re still a t-shirt kind of girl then stuff one underneath but make sure it’s a low enough neck so that it brings attention to the fact that you have tits and not Pecs. Eventually, once you’ve got this look down, explore with a silky blouse or lingerie inspired top underneath.

And if you want to ditch the blazer altogether I really dig the oversized tailored shirt. Zara always has some great ones in. Look for something that has a longer back and is bit fitted so that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a giant sac. Sometimes it’s a bit of trial and error, so don’t get frustrated. I bought this one from French Connection the other month and I really get a lot of use out of it.

Finally, I think if you’re channeling a men’s look on top, you have to sex up the bottom. So find yourself a nice pair of fitted cigarette cut jeans or black pants. From there, tussle that hair of yours and throw on some heels, boots or flats and you’ll be looking the part.

Dear Sasha
I have been saving and I`m almost at the point where I can afford my first designer bag (WAHOO!). I`ve been tempted so many times to buy a less expensive bag (hello marc by marc jacobs hillier hobo), but so far haven`t cracked. I want a multipurpose bag that I can wear to work, shopping, dinner & in 2 -3 years it won`t scream 2010. My budget is $1000-1500 CAD. What bags do you suggest... or do I scrap this idea completely and buy multiple less expensive bags? SC

Can you teach me how to save money? I really need to learn how to do that one day.

I’m actually quite envious that you’ve got a big splurge coming your way but I’ve gotta admit I’ve never been a bag whore. That being said, when I see a woman toting around a luxury bag, I basically froth at the mouth.

Now, I think you should divvy up this wad of dough and squeeze out two purchases from it. First, you’ll want to buy an every day bag that you can carry all the time. As I’m sure you know the bucket bag is a big deal right now and I want to make love to this Alexander Wang one. Oh and this other Wang bag is pretty damn nice too. Oh oh oh and this one from Botkier is gorgeous. I guess the point here is that there are lots of great options and it depends on what you get off on.

For the second part of your purchase look for something that’s a bit more fun. Andrea Brueckner is a Canadian designer that has a pretty impressive collection – check out her Satchel and Crossbody bags - they are perfect for a party night out. And as you mentioned you can never go wrong with Marc Jacobs and if this bag doesn’t make you jump for joy then you and I can’t be friends.

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