Hi Sasha: It has been a perpetually rainy summer in Edmonton and I've had to forgo my cute spring jackets in place of my Adidas windbreaker because it's the only thing that's equipped to keep my dry. Needless to say, I've been on the lookout for a raincoat. I need something slim fitting, lightweight with a hood that is still professional-ish enough to wear to work. Any suggestions? SB

You guys on the west are really getting boned this summer, aren’t you? Sorry to hear, but I’m sure our earth will continue to hate us and you’ll probably be tanning in December. Did I just get too real? Sorry. Okay, let’s find you some good looks.

You should all know by now that I love DACE and they have two amazing raincoats online - click here and here. Oh and don’t forget if you use the code ‘gossip’ that Lainey hooked you all up with – you get 30% off! WHAT-WHAT. Today is the last day so hurry. (PS from Lainey - I have BOTH these styles, same colours, wore them in Scotland in March and… well… that’s where you test them. They worked. Beautifully.)

A trench is a must-have and this Via Spiga is perfect for what you’re looking for, SB. From the great high neck, to the grommets, to the belt– it’s a timeless piece you’ll wear the sh*t out for years.

Now, if you can afford to drop some cash then obviously Burberry is a no brainer. I mean, you’d be a dummy not to buy this.

Lastly, who knew Eddie Bauer churned out nice sh*t. This light weight rain coat is probably my favorite out of the bunch. It’s got a great relaxed silhouette and I love the bronze color. Done and Done.

Hi Sasha. I have a black tie wedding in NYC next month. I already have an awesome black cocktail dress, but I am failing completely in the shoe department. I would love to wear something strappy since it will be hot. Also don't want to spend a million dollars--please nothing over $150. Thanks for your help! S.

Sale season is at its peak right now so people, if you’re looking to pump up your closet for fall, it’s the perfect time to stock up on designer staples at a steal. S, there’s a lot out there right now, but I’ve narrowed down some of my favorites.

These Pour la Victoire strappy heels will be just the right amount of statement without competing with the rest of your outfit. And S, if you get lucky… those elastic straps will give you that extra mileage and comfort on your walk of shame.

Now, if you liked the concept of the last pair but weren’t down with the amount of straps, then click here for something a bit more streamline and simple.

A detail you’ll see lots of this fall is tassels. So if you want to get up on that trend early then peep out these Dolce Vita ones. And if you don’t get them, I’m going to.

Another trend that’s here to stay is python. I can feel you rolling your eyes, but seriously, animal prints and snake prints act as such a great neutral. If you can pull it off then check these Calvin Klein’s.

Metallic shoes are a great pop with a black dress and these Michael Kors stilettos are hot as hell.

If your vibe is way more formal then click here. They’re 11 bones over your budget, but damn girl, they’re Moschino.

are my favorite! Love the pattern and cut out of the heel. And S, that wedge will provide hella comfort when you’re cutting a rug. Yes, I said cutting a rug.

I really like the little white dresses that are trendy this summer, but I am having a hard time finding one that will work on my body. I have nice long legs that I like to show off, but am packing some extra weight around the middle (if you can't live off chicken wings and processed cheese, why are they sooooo delicious?!).
Thank you, E

I feel like someday someone is going to sign me up for that show My Strange Addiction because if you sit me down in front of a 12-slice Kraft pack, I’ll inhale that sh-t up like it’s a ball of crack. But E, this is not the time or place to discuss our shameful cheese addiction. So let me get started on some white hot dress finds.

White to me is all about being pretty and this Urban Outfitters one is exactly that. Throw on a brown belt or leave it as is - either way you can’t go wrong.

For another perfect casual day look I’m really loving this other Urban Outfitters dress. It’s so damn adorable – did you see the bow in the back? And if you paired it up with some red flats or even a pair of ankle desert boots, you’d totally give Kate Bosworth a run for her money.

If you want something a tad dressier then peep this Poltock & Walsh dress. Skinny, tall, short, pudge – this dress would look great on any figure.

Who doesn’t love some Alexander Wang in their life? And this is the perfect combination of a great tailored shirt and dress all in one. Oh and it’s majorly on sale so click away.

Lace and white go hand in hand and if you can embrace your inner Florence Welch then this is the frock to do it in.

Brace yourself; I’m about to suggest a BEBE number. Don’t snob out just yet because if you can look past the brand you’ll see that this dress is actually quite great. The length isn’t whore short, the asymmetrical design is quite interesting and the ticket to all of this is the slight ruching detail. You’d think it would bring more attention to your midriff, but it actually creates a distraction. So if you’re looking for something form-fitting with some f-ck appeal then this is a good pick.