Boy Scout shirts, dressy casual, and nude tights

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Written by Sasha

I have seen few of those super hot boy scout inspired shirts around but have no idea where to find them. You know, like the one Anne Hathaway wears in Love and Other Drugs. I love them, am obsessed and must own one.
Thank you, D.

D, I know it’s out of my jurisdiction but can we talk about the movie? I was recently informed by Lainey that my taste in movies and television is “Bachelor Pad” level. Translation: I’m trailer trash. And in all honesty, I’m okay with it because when it comes to entertainment, I like my brain level to hover around zero. It works for me.

So flash to me at the movie, I was jacked up on a boat load of candy and was so excited that this film might just have the potential to be my next Dear John. Now, I don’t want to ruin it for you, but during my viewing there was a lot of laughing AT the movie. But keep in mind, if it doesn’t have bitch fights, an overdosing z list actor, or tweens having tweens, then I’m not enthralled so don’t take my word for it. As for what I did like about the film. The f-cking. Check. And that shirt. Check.

So this week I want you to go hunting on etsy. All you need to do is type in ‘boy scout shirt’ and you’ll find some seriously good options. This is how I’m picturing it: The shirt with a pair of worn in jeans, your hair pulled back in a ponytail, some cute dangly silver earrings, and some red lips. Do that, and here’s hoping you’ll get jack hammered like Anne did.

Hey Sasha,
I'm attending a wedding rehearsal dinner on Dec 11th and am having the hardest time finding an outfit! The dress code is 'dressy casual'. WTF does this mean?!?
I'd like the outfit to be 1) festive 2) be something that can transition to the office and 3) go with my black suede tranny heels (similar to these but without the strap)
Thanks! M

WTF is right. “Dressy Casual” – that’s not even a thing. She made that up. That’s basically like telling someone to go “naked clothed”. That said you should just take it as free pass to wear whatever you want. Now, from your letter I don’t know too much about your style but I figure if you’re willing to wear ‘tranny’ heels then I’m going to assume you can play it up a bit. So I’m going build you my ideal outfit. It’s something that I’ve been dying to wear and hopefully you’ll like it too!

First, find a good pair of shorts, yes I said shorts. Try to scout out a pair that’s on the thicker wool side – H&M had a really great pair in the other day, which I’m now kicking myself for not buying. And if you want to dress it up a bit French Connection has a great stiff satin pair, and if neither give you a style boner then check out Club Monaco because I know they have a few different styles. An important note here though: please don’t go whore short, I don’t want to see any labia action, just find a pair that hang a little shorter than mid thigh. Next, slap on a great pair of black opaque tights. Hold up wait a minute, have I told you about Shatobu yet? These tights apparently burn calories when you wear them. Do I believe this? Do I care? If it means I can smash 10 brownies in my face and pretend they work – sold.

Okay now moving to the top half of the outfit. Tuck in a plain black low scoop neck tank or t-shirt and throw over a sequin vest or jacket. Check out Leigh Lezark wearing this great sequin jacket from Moon Apparel (it’s really affordable - $55.00!!). Also Jeanne Beker’s line Edit has this black sequin bolero that’s fantastic. Both of these are available at the Bay. You can even layer these pieces so that the sequins just pop out from underneath a black blazer or cardigan. If that’s a bit too much for you then click here for this festive option from J Crew. I’m telling you, this look will be perfect.

Now, if this doesn’t work for you then a) what the hell is wrong with you and b) fine, I have another option. Tucker is a brand out of NYC and they’re known for their killer blouses but they’ve also branched out into these amazing disco dresses. To me, this look is flawless and would be flattering on any body shape but I’m not going to lie, they ain’t cheap but I promise you’ll get hella use out of it.

I hope this helps M!

Hi Sasha,
I've got a really good one for you - I'm a new lawyer, as are a bunch of my girlfriends. We're torn on what to do with hosiery in the winter (yes, I said hosiery). Are sheer nude hose acceptable??? I'm talking flesh-toned colours, not the geriatric white or the fake tan orange ones. A friend in fashion says absolutely not, never, 100% wrong, but law is pretty conservative and it doesn't feel right to go bare-legged. Most of the time, in winter, I go with a sheer black. But I've got brown skirts and navy skirts that I just feel work with nude and nude alone! She suggested sheer grey or sheer navy, and although those could work, I just can't believe that there's no way I can possibly wear sheer nude hose? If you tell me what's right, I promise to abide by your decision. KE

Okay KE, I’m going to fess up that I’ve got a bit of a beer buzz going on right now and I’m finding this question highly amusing. But I’m going snap out of it and get real with you -flesh toned tights are sick. And I’m not talking ‘sick’ in the good way I’m talking ‘sick’ in the bad way. I totally understand that you work in a corporate environment but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo all your fashion rights.

There are a few problems with this look. First and foremost ‘flesh’ is a gross word but more importantly it’s not like you’re fooling anyone. It’s not like I’m thinking to myself ‘hmmm, she really has flawless legs”. Quite the opposite, I find the look really jarring. So if you’re asking my advice I’m going to have to agree with your friend and tell you to ditch them and start playing around with other colors. And of course, you can never go wrong with black tights. It’s not any less professional. I’m also a big fan of slightly patterned tights so if you find a mild zig zag pattern, give it a whirl, I think you’ll like the look.

Now I sense that you still don’t believe me so I would like to present exhibit A. I was watching the Beyonce special on PVR over the weekend. Did you see it? Sh-t, she’s seriously so perfect looking it’s crazy. The way she’s able to gyrate like she’s having a seizure yet still keep her face so pretty…that’s a skill, people. Anyway, I was watching it and lo and behold Beyonce is wearing some skin colored tights in one of the scenes. KE, they didn’t look good - it threw her whole look out of whack and almost made her perfect legs look thick. So KE, if they don’t even work on Beyonce….

I rest my case.

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