Written by Sasha

Dear Sasha, I have a friend I met while traveling and she lives in Germany. I haven’t seen her in 9 years but we stay in touch on email and through cards and gifts. She recently let me know that she hadn’t written in ages because she had a stroke and she had been tired. She doesn’t complain ever. Because of the stroke, she had to stop taking birth control (she already has two kids) and is now pregnant again. This is my worst nightmare so I can’t even begin to imagine how she isn’t wailing and moaning 24/7! And still she finds the time to send gifts to my kids for their birthdays and chocolates at Christmas. I have been wanting to send her something special but what! Today I thought of a cashmere throw. It’s seems like the perfect bit of luxury for when she does find the time to have a nap. Is it possible to get something nice for $200? Thanks M

Throws are the kind of thing I hate dishing out dough for, but when I get one as a gift I’m thrilled to bits. So good thinking on your part, M, because your friend sure sounds like she deserves it! Right off the bat I found these two cashmere throws and lucky you they are just under your budget. Click here and here.

Now while those two are great if you can stretch your budget by 50 dollars here are some options I’m digging a little bit more.

Restoration Hardware is one of my favorite places (….to stand outside and cry ‘cause my house will never look like that). And right now they have some cashmere throws on sale – check out the link. Chocolate or oatmeal is the safest bet – they’ll match any color scheme she has going on in her home.

Another great go-to stop is William Sonoma. They have an array of throws in either a warm or cool palette, so if you’d think she’d enjoy a pop of color this is the way to go. Another cool detail they offer is monogramming. So for 6 bucks you can add that extra personal touch to it.

Oh and if you like the idea of monogramming this Frontgate throw offers it for free.

Hope this helps – she’ll love it!

I'm heading off on a Hawaiian adventure in late September and have been searching high and low for a roomy (but still chic) beach bag all summer. I've yet to find one that suits my needs (or gets me excited for beach bumming) and am getting neurotic that I won't find one now that fall stock is slowly starting to take over store shelves. Can she help?? Thanks! L

You don’t just grab a plastic bag, throw your sh-t in, and call it a day? Oh. Okay. Well, L, before I embarrass myself even more, let’s get to it.

Nothing says beach bag like a straw bag. So click here, here, here, here and finally here for some great options that are sure to quell your anxiety. And if you are willing to up the fun factor this is my favorite out of the bunch.

The other idea is to go with a nautical vibe. Whether it’s a stripe, some rope, or a good ol fashioned sailor knot – you can’t go wrong. All of these are right on trend and will add some flavor to any outfit.

Lastly, I’ve got to wave my Canadiana flag because one of my favorite bags to cart shit around in is my Hudson Bay stripped tote. I love it. It’s cheap and if you’re cool with not a lot of bells and whistles, then pick one up.

If I were you I’d spend as little money as possible on a bag because at the end of the day no one is gonna give a sh-t. Instead, I’d focus your attention on a hot bikini because your ass is what people will really be checking out.

Hi Sasha! Just wanted to get your take on the 'rose gold' situation I've been seeing everywhere (I'm probably late to the party on this). I really like the latest crop of rose gold watches (see here) but I'm not sure if it's really a good investment. I'm not rolling in money, so is this something I can get a few years out of? Also, is it acceptable to wear rose gold with other jewelry? Thanks! – B

B, rose gold is a trend that’s been going on for a little while now, but that’s not to say it’s too late to buy in to the trend. For me, I like it from afar. I appreciate it and if someone gave me an accessory as gift I’d be all about it, I just don’t personally want to spend my money on it.

If you’re looking to treat yourself and are sick and tired of all your jewelry I say go for it. Now, I’m a fan of Toy Watch, but I’m not in love with that one you linked to. I think if you’re going for it, you should really commit. Check out something like this Michael Kors, or this Marc Jacobs one. And for a really cheap throw away look at this one from ASOS.

As for mixing and matching. I’d stick with incorporating your gold jewelry with the rose gold. Silver will work; it just doesn’t play off the rose coloring as well as the gold will. Throw on a few thin bracelets, a ring or two, and you’ll look the part! xx