Written by Sasha

I love the summer but my skin is starting to look like a beat up mitt and is it just me or don’t you want to start wearing socks again…. Anyone? Anyone? Well, whether you’re ready for it or not, it’s a comin’ so it’s a good time for your fall Coles notes.


If you’re still rocking a g-string with low slung jeans – please unsubscribe from this column. Now that we’ve weeded out those suckers get ready for a higher waist line. Of course the easiest way to do this is with denim. Apparently Fidelity has a great new jean called the Belvedere that’s supposed to be life changing - of course I’m buying into the hype. However the way you’ll see this specific trend flexed is in a pencil skirt. Tuck in a great blouse, a collared shirt or even a loose tee and you’ll be in business. Also, don’t be afraid to play around a bit with color and pattern.


Keeping on the skirt tip – the lace skirt is another must have, so keep your eyes peeled for one. Twitter has been buzzing over this one from Moon Apparel. It’s only 75 bones. But if you’re not Canadian check out some other great options here and here.

I’ve said it before – python is a great neutral. For some reason it compliments just about anything you have on. You can pack a python punch with a dress, tall boot, or a great heel. Oh and damn, if you’ve got some extra dough these shoes are pretty baller. But if that’s too progressive then baby step your way into the look with a clutch, a cuff, or a belt. Just give it a go.


If you’re looking to jump on and off a trend this season the Peter Pan one is really fun. You can either find a top that already has the juxtaposed color collar - click here and here for some good ones - or find two separates and DIY. For inspiration peep Alexa Chung. (Ugh, the way she looks is so unfair)


Another fun pattern to work in to your fall wardrobe is the polka dot. Get on it quick with a dress, a blouse (another take on it here) or a tee. People, don’t let Suri Cruise beat you to the punch…oh, she just did.


There’s nothing easier and more comfortable than throwing on a cape. For an outerwear piece, I love this camel one from Dace and damn, this one from Rachel Zoe’s collection is perfect. For everyday knitwear you know I’m a fan of Line – check out the two they have for the season here and here. For other options click here, here, here, and here.
Style note: balance the volume on top by keeping the bottom half more fitted, otherwise you’ll look like a dump truck.


The desert boot, the suede bootie, the front laced boot, the Mary Jane - all of these are still going strong for fall. But the one noticeable standout is the tasseled loafer. Whether it’s a flat or a heel you’ll see a lot of people hot stepping in this look. And if you want to completely jack my steez I’m getting these Aldo ones. So good, right? (Lainey: and these are the ones I’m begging for for my birthday.)

There you have it! Max out the credit card and meet you in the food stamp line. Xx