Written by Sasha

My sister asked me AGAIN today what to do about "good" jeans. She asks me this question at least once a week. She needs more options and an update. She is a young 42!, not overly trendy, but always looks well put-together. She needs to move away from the standard bootcut, faded wash jean, though. She's tried on my Gap skinnies and J Brand Skinny Cargos, and while I think they look awesome on her - I have big "strong" legs (positive self-talk!) and I wear them! - she has smaller legs than me but she feels self-conscious
Her stated desires in a jean are below:
Butt doesn’t get saggy,
Not too stretchy,
Nice uniform deep wash,
Slim, (not sure about skinny) and maybe a trouser cut (which I think are out of style, but I’d like for work).

Jeans bring back some major nostalgia and memories for me. Like, I can tell you exactly what brand of jean I was wearing at almost every important milestone in my life. I wore Guess jeans (with ankle zippers and dessert boots) in elementary school when I had my first slow dance to Roxette. In high-school, I wore Big Stars (with an oversized t-shirt and doc martens), because if you wanted to fit in, that was the uniform. And in my university days it was all about Silver jeans with some butt ass slutty top -- probably my least stylish days, but I somehow still managed to get tail.

What were your jeans of choice through the decades? I’m interested….

Anyway after that, well, that’s when things got out of control and we entered what my friend Lara calls ‘The Premium Denim Era’. I blame it all on Citizens for Humanity. That’s when we all got brainwashed into forking over three bills to get ‘good’ jeans. Jesus. What was that all about?

Point is, back in the day the denim market wasn’t nearly as saturated as it is now, so there are a crap load of options at varying price points. I’ll highlight some of my go-to’s:

A denim line that Lainey and I both love is Genetic Denim. Hands down – my favourite. Being comfortable is a necessity when I’m trying to find a good pair of jeans and Genetic is the happy medium between legging and jean. They are the sh-t. Great washes, great cuts, great give and I’ve yet to see someone look bad in a pair. Oh and they’re the perfect pick for when you need to tuck jeans into a boot. I’ve been wearing the same pair since last week and only now are they getting a bit loose. Am I the only dirt bag who doesn’t wash their jeans often? (Lainey: you’re not supposed to!)

A close second for me is Fidelity Denim. They check off a lot of the same on the list Genetic does, but they’re definitely more of a jean – so the material is heavier. Another great thing about the line is that they offer a lot of different styles, other than just a skinny. But if you do want to go with a slim cut their bottom opening isn’t skin tight, which might be the ticket for your sister. Get her to try the Scoop and the Coco’s – both styles are damn good! And just as a side note I peeped out their fall collection last week and they have some kick ass cords - yes cords - that you should keep your eye out for.

Next, I was going to suggest Gap, but I’m surprised to hear that your sis didn’t bite when she tried them on. I’m continually impressed with their denim selection and their price points - I think you need to get her to try them on again.

You know I jizzed when Hudson came out with their skinny cargos and when it comes to their regular line, I’m equally as excitable. They are supremely comfortable and their back pockets make an ass look dope.

Last on the list is Levis. I have to admit I don’t own a pair, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about their Curve ID line. The whole aim is to make sure you find the perfect fit for your body type – so everything from no hips to a good sized dumper– they’ve designed the right fit for your figure. And sh-t, if there is one brand to trust it should be Levis. So it’s definitely worth a whirl.

Let me know what she ends up going with!

Dear Sasha, I need some fashion advice for my adorable sister, who is sometimes fashion challenged. She got a job in a country where she is required to wear loose-fitting skirts. I have seen lots of maxi skirts online, but they are a little pricy, are there cheaper options out there? Thanks, j

What’s with all the sister stuff this week? Either way J, let’s help your adorable sister out.

When you’re going for a fuller skirt something like a pleat can be a really nice compliment to the look. Check out this one from Mod Cloth here.

And here's another pleated maxi, but in a really nice soft pink/nude hue.

Next, is this printed Free People skirt. I adore it. The floral isn’t too in your face and the color palette is perfection. I actually love how the whole look is styled in the photo…I’m really trying to restrain myself from buying it all right now.

For a more subdued floral print check out this one by J CREW.

And if floral isn’t your print of choice how about this striped Ella Moss maxi? The mermaid silhouette is super flattering and Ella Moss is known for having some of the softest fabrics around, so the comfort factor will be high on this one.

Finally, if your sis can play with color then this coral Top Shop skirt is the way to go. And if she has an eye for style then she could easily replicate the Jil Sander runway look (click to see Kate Bosworth in it), by tucking in a white t-shirt - it would be a great copy-cat look. And if coral isn’t her jam, then how about turquoise?

So there you go! I hope she finds something here that she likes! xx

Dear Sasha, As much as I love summer and am looking forward to stripping off some of the layers, I find myself facing a big fashion problem: what to wear on my feet.
I need something work appropriate, so flip flops just don't cut it. I'm really hoping for something a little more mature but still stylish. Any advice? - M

This opens up the fashion playing field quite a bit so to make things easy, I’m gonna stick with just flats. And M, because there is so much to choose from I’m going to zone in on some key looks that will hopefully give you inspiration.

You’ll see a lot of weaving this season. Not only does it look great but its offers some ventilation. So check out these ones from Aldo. I’m really into a good rich brown shade -- it’s a great way to anchor any other colors you have on that day. And for other fun takes on this trend click here, here, here and here.

A true timeless flat is the two-toned Chanel flat. If you can afford it, lucky you. If you can’t, welcome to the club. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cop the same look for less. This style of shoe always ups the fashion ante so check out some good options here, here and finally here.

Next think about rocking a brogue or a loafer. Throw them on with a cropped jean or rolled up baggy pant and toss on a checkered collared shirt and you’ve got a good look. Click here, here, here and here for some good looks.

If ‘pretty’ is your thang, then I’m sure you’d enjoy a little toe embellishment here and there. I’m not a cutesy putesy kind of person but even these shoes make me second guess myself. And if those don’t get you going click here and here for a more sophisticated take.

And finally for a plain ole’ flat. Now, I know people love their crunch-in-a-ball-ballerina flats, however for me; I need a bit more sturdiness. So if you want a cute basic that has a bit more support check ‘er out here and here (these are fun) and here.

There you have it – hope this helps your summer style! And speaking of summer, dear god, when will it arrive? I’m officially the color of old grey meat.