Written by Sasha

Sasha, I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm wondering about a pregnancy beauty regime - at the moment, a stretch mark prevention cream is foremost in my mind. Any advice you have would be great! S

S, congratulations! What an exciting time. However, if I were you, the first thing on my mind would be how I was going to stuff my innards back into my body after pushing a human out. So, yah. But let’s get back to your concern – stretch marks.

The product I hear over and over about is Bio-Oil. A lot of the women (especially in my office) swear by it, so if you’re a tested and true kind of chick, then get your squirt on.

I just got back from vacation the other week whereby my aunt looked at the stretch marks on my legs and told me: ‘make sure you take care of that when you’re pregnant’. So that happened. It sounds harsh, but I’m down with her honesty plus, she’s quite possibly the hottest piece of 50 year old ass I’ve ever seen so I’ll take the advice. Anyway she used Clarins Tonic Body Oil when she was prego and it did the trick. Sign me up.

Mommy Mio is a very popular skin care line with all their products dedicated to mothers. And their Tummy Stretch Mark Oil gets major praise. Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss and a slew of other celebrities are fans. So if you believe the hype, which I totally do, then go for it.

There you have it S, these are my top three lube picks. Oh, and I’m sure people will write in with their favs, so I’ll pass that along to you too. xx

I'm getting married in October and I'm shoeless. I've been searching high and low for the right pair, but I'm coming up with a big giant "meh" with everything I see. Here's the kicker -- I'm 5'11" and my fiancé is 6'. While I love rocking a great heel, for our wedding and photos, I don't want to be towering over him. As a result, I've been looking for flats. I'm game to wear color or metallic -- basically anything but white. I'd also like to keep the cost under $400 though if the perfect pair were to come around, my arm could probably be twisted. Can you help?? J

Bridal flats are something we’re seeing a lot more of these days and aren’t you lucky that you’re such a tall drink. Screw you, I mean, super for you. Let’s get started!

I’m going to assume you’re wearing a white dress and if that’s the case, a nice soft pink pair of flats would look really cute peeking through. These are adorable, and I’m especially into the glitter capped toe.

If you’re embracing your inner Cinderella, these sparkled Stuart Weitzman flats are a no brainer.

What are your thoughts on black? If you’re open to it and can pull off a bit of cute, then click here I love anything with hearts so this might just be feeding into my own guilty pleasure.

If you like black, but the last ones were too teenie bop how about these Miu Miu’s? – They definitely have an evening edge.

Oh, oh, oh! I love these flats! Simple, pretty and the emerald green is a stunner.

Now, if you’re going for a more formal looking shoe these Rene Caovilla’s are gorgeous and you’ll get hella wear out of them after your wedding day. Plus, they’re on sale – cha ching!

Finally, if you’re going for a retro feel, then dear lord peep these Acne shoes. Am I crazy or are these not the coolest looking shoes ever?! They are a mini take on a 70’s platform – I want them and so should you!

Am in love with Ellen Page's beanie. I have been looking for something loose (hat head kills me), natural and not-cheap looking. Assistance with sourcing would inspire deep gratitude:

Ah yes, finding a good beanie/toque is a really important staple, especially if you’re Canadian. And you’re so right: why are the women options so bunk? They’re always so god damn tight on the head. However an easy solution to this problem is to hit up the men’s department –I’ll bet you that’s where Ellen picks hers up.

Our friend Dan Levy always busts out the most covetable cashmere toques, and for whatever reason cashmere is the perfect recipe for a good head hang. He’s got this Alexander Wang one and it’s damn good…trust me, I try to clepto it every chance I get.

Thinness of fabric is also important, especially if you plan to wear it in the warmer months. Check out this one from Urban Outfitters – it’s a goodie not to mention a cheapie.

All Saints carries a great array of kick ass beanies – one of these have to pique your interest. Click here, here, here and here.

And finally check out this grey Full Circle one – it has Ellen written all over it.

Happy shopping! xx