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Hey Sasha, I'm very recently moved to London, England and I'm in the midst of the greatest fashion high ever. My big question is: I'm about to encounter a wet, rainy, and generally miserable winter. I need rainboots that will not only keep my feet warm, but also brighten my day a bit. I've already seen a lot of Hunters, and I know their a good go-to, but I'm wondering about my other options. Thoughts/feelings? L

While I love the simplicity of Hunter boots I do have to say I like that youΓÇÖre thinking outside the style box! So letΓÇÖs get started, shall we?

Now that youΓÇÖre living in the land of fashion I would be remiss if I didnΓÇÖt offer up some Burberry. Yes, I know weΓÇÖve all seen their signature tartan ones, but IΓÇÖve never seen anyone in these. Rain boot meet winter boot - good, right? Jam some thick wooly socks in there and theyΓÇÖll get you through the cold English winter as well.

If you liked the quilted look of the Burberry pair, but you want to punch me in the face for suggesting you spend that much for a pair of rain boots, well first, chill the F out and second, look at the following two options ΓÇô click here and here.

By now you should have received the memo that animal prints are majorly in style and if youΓÇÖre up to try the trend, check out a cute pair here.

For more fun with prints, check out these Ralph Lauren plaid wellies. Come on, those are good.

If you want to really ham it up then check out these super cute nautical rain boots. And for more over the top designs, peep out the Kamik for some wacked out options.

Finally, IΓÇÖd like to end with my favorite. If youΓÇÖre as impractical and irresponsible as I am then feast your eyes on these MissoniΓÇÖs. As far as rain boots go, theyΓÇÖre pretty damn rad. Fine, you can officially punch me now.

I'm sure SJP's coat (click here to see) is way out of my price point, but I love love love it. I've been searching for the perfect fall coat to invest in for a while, but would love to spend under $300 if possible. Any ideas where something similarly tailored and proportioned can be found?? Thanks!! LL

SJPΓÇÖs style is always on point, but sh-t, mine would be too if everything I owned was the cream of the crop. But LL, donΓÇÖt worry you donΓÇÖt have to drop a sh*t load of dough to look dope.
Now, the key to her style of coat is that itΓÇÖs boxy but tailored all at the same time. To get that look you want to find something that fits perfectly at the shoulders and ever so slightly tucks in at the waist. For that, take a look at this one by Kristen Blake.

Another great find is this D&G coat. ItΓÇÖs still keeping with that menswear vibe SJP is working, but itΓÇÖs way more tailored. Make your decision quick on this one because itΓÇÖs going to get snapped up fast.

You can never go wrong with a double breasted coat ΓÇô they are timeless. And if you like the look of them this Calvin Klein one will hopefully speak to you.

Zara is always good go-to for coats. Their stuff might not last forever, but you canΓÇÖt go wrong at their price point. So check out this great SJP inspired option here.

Season after season Banana Republic churns out great quality coats and this one is fantastic. Enough said.

Lastly, I donΓÇÖt want to put you in the poor house, but if you can stretch your budget by an extra 76 bucks (to be exact), please consider this coat from J CREW ΓÇô itΓÇÖs gorgeous.

There you have it LL, hope this has helped!

I'm wondering if you can help me find a particular item. My hubby's birthday is coming up in October and I'd love to get him something along the lines of a stylish weekend bag. He's a pretty picky guy when it comes to style - simple, clean lines, and a timeless yet modern look if that makes sense. Any ideas where to look would be most appreciated! g

Dudes who own weekend bags are hot, maybe because I imagine it means they have somewhere nice to go on said weekends…whatever it is, it works for me. So let’s find your fine ass man the perfect b-day gift.

Leather is always a slick way to go and itΓÇÖll only look better with wear and tear. Check out this one by J Crew and this one by Tommy Bahama. And if heΓÇÖs a faux leather kind of guy this vegan option by Matt and Nat is great.

If youΓÇÖre aiming for something a bit more casual then click on the following links here, here and here.

And for the best out of the bunch IΓÇÖve got to say that this Need and Supply carryall is the winner for me. ItΓÇÖs very Ryan Gosling-eque and if that image isnΓÇÖt a gift that keeps on giving I donΓÇÖt know what is.

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