And I’ve got more good news. I’m off on my honeymoon for a couple of weeks, but please keep sending me your life and style questions. I’ll not only need something to read while I’m away, I’ll need something to answer when I get back. I will think of you all fondly while I’m pounding back butt loads of carbohydrates. xo

Dear Sasha, I'm currently interning for an investment bank in London, and the company is hosting a tennis tournament at Wimbledon for charity. Anyway, the dress code for the event is at least 50% white. Our team is kind of thinking to loosely dress 80's prep? I'm thinking of wearing this skirt in lime, with a white v-neck t-shirt tucked in. Looking to pair it with some obnoxiously bright sneakers, possibly in hot pink. However, I'm a little worried about not wearing enough white... do you have any suggestions for some white accessories so I can fit this dress code.. Thanks – K

I love a good field trip and you sound like you’ve really put some thought into your get-up. I totally give you thumbs up for the skirt and the shoes – you’re going to look adorable.

As for the accessories: No tennis outfit is complete without a white headband. If you enjoy some Hamptons staunch then this Lacoste one is perfect. But if you’re keeping with your 80’s vibe then this Royal Tennenbaum-esque band is a must. Oh and pick up the white arm bands while you’re at it.

Now if you’re going to rock those pink kicks you’ll obviously need some white pom pom ankle socks, right? Right.

And lastly, have you heard of Toy Watch over in London? Either way, pick up this white number. I have the same one and wear it all the time. (Lainey: mine is purple and I wear it all the time.) On and off the court it’s a really good look.

So there you have it K, if you get all this gear I guarantee you’ll grand slam the sh-t out of everyone.

I was wondering if you could help me find some of those enamel stud earrings that Kristen Wiig wore in Bridesmaids? I'm not a huge fan of dangly earrings and I thought these were super cute. J

J, I had to check what you were talking about and ohhh those heart studs are adorable. And just as a side, how the F did you catch those tiny things while watching the movie?!?

As I’ve said in the past Marc Jacobs has thought of everything and he’s apparently also hip to the enamel heart earring thing too. Check em’ out here.

If you’re a pink loving kind of girl then these are as sweet as they come.

Oh oh oh! I love these mint colored studs – they might just be my favorite and at only 10 bucks, that’s some Bob Barker sh-t right there. (Get it, The Price is Right? Come on, throw me a bone.)

And finally if you’re as indecisive as I am then this Top Shop multi-pack is the way to go. You can switch ‘em up every day of the week.

So it's finally (almost) summer in Van which is great, but poses a problem for me.. I'm a ginger (and a really pale one at that). If I'm spending even 20min outside in the summer I need sunscreen everywhere. I use a good moisturizer/spf combo for my face, but I hate the sunscreens available for body... there slimy, greasy and smell like coconuts (which does not mix well with my perfume...). Any suggestions on a good, light feeling, moisturizing sunscreen? Thanks!

This question couldn’t come at better time because my ass is hitting up Europe today and I need to avoid shriveling up like a grape. I remember back in the day I used to love being mistaken for Mexican or Hawaiian, but seriously dudes, that sh-t catches up to you. So for everyone who’s still only slapping on 15, up that shit up to at least 30. Got it? Good.

Kiehl’s is as a reliable as they come and they don’t f-ck around with fruity smelling things – so no coconut here. Try their Vital Sun Lotion – you can get it in either 30 or 40 SPF.

The next time you’re at your local drugstore look out for Aveeno. This brand’s mantra is all about being natural, so again, this is some bland smelling product. I’m usually no fan of the spray bottle but last summer I was converted – I find it goes on way easier.

My last suggestion is Ombrelle. My mom’s an immigrant so we were never a household with much brand allegiance except for when it came to Ombrelle. This bottle popped up at every family vacation. All I have to say is my mom’s skin is better than mine, so the proof is in the pudding.

See you in a couple of weeks!