Written by Sasha

I am going back to school this fall to become a lawyer and I need a laptop case/tote that is classy and stylish and will last me all three years! Everyone keeps telling me to get a rolling briefcase but it's just not my style. I have a MacBook Air, so not super heavy. R

A rolling briefcase?! The f*ck?! Please. NO. I feel my style anxiety setting in so let’s not waste any time. Here are some great options that will keep you looking smart, even if your grades say you’re not.

If you lean towards a more classic design then these Travelteq totes are your answer. Click away here and here. They’re definitely a bit of an investment but sh-t, you’re going to be a lawyer, so you’ll be making it rain in no time.

Keeping on the classic tip, check out this Kate Spade bag. It’s simple, slick and will never compete with your outfits.

For a lower price point, Matt and Nat is always a good place to hit up. The brand was actually commissioned by Apple to come up with three bag designs, so people, that’s as legit as it gets. Here’s my favorite out of the bunch.

The fewer things you have to mule around, the better and this Kempton & Darrow bag is the winner for me. It’s got a compartment for your computer, plus enough room for everything else you’d need to cart around from class to class.

Lastly, check out this Rebecca Minkoff bag –stellar, right? Walk around toting this bag on campus, and all those nerds with their rolling briefcases will be embarrassed for themselves.

Hi Sasha, I've got two wedding showers to go to this summer, and want to get both brides flirty silk robes. I'm thinking something like this (I absolutely LOVE it) but not as expensive, as the showers are merely the tip of the iceberg with wedding related spending. Any ideas? K

K, while that Anthropologie one is lovely, you’re right, it’s a tad expensive so let’s cut the cost and get cracking. Oh and remember the time you wanted silk? Sorry to crush your dreams but that’s too high class for your wallet. Shall we?

What kind of China girl would I be if I didn’t offer up an Asian inspired robe? My people love them. So K, jump on the orient express with this one. Random Culture tip: Never call your Asian friends ‘Oriental’

If you’re looking for “flirty” then this bright pink floral one is perfect. While the print is pretty bold it’s not anything that’ll give you a headache first thing in the morning.

If she’s an animal print kind of chick then check this one out. A general rule when looking for animal print: think more Blanche Devereaux, less Lisa Rinna. And sh*t yo, this one is actually SILK.

Next, check this ETSY one out. I’m super into the mash up of colors and prints on this robe. But if it doesn’t float your boat then do a search of your own on the site –lots and lots of great options.

Oh and if you want to thank me for helping you out (no pressure or anything), this is the one I want.

I am writing because I need to know who makes Brad Pitt's cargo pants. My husband is a pocket freak and it gets hard to find pants that accommodate his storage needs and look cool/different (since cargos all look the same). The one's Brad's wearing in the pictures are just what we've been looking for, do you know who makes them or some similar to them? Thank you in advance for your help and have a great day, N.

Excuse me, are you telling me your husband can pull off Brad’s cargo pants? Um, that’s impressive.

So here’s the dilly, N. I’ve spent far too much time trying to find the brand and I’m coming up empty. Sorry. And I’m not trying to make excuses, but those cargos are a pretty aggressive statement. I mean, unless your husband is Brad’s stunt double I’m thinking he should go a little more subtle. My first suggestion is to hit up a few local surplus stores in your hood. My man goes to this really sketchy one in Toronto and he always comes home with some ‘unique’ items. So that’s your best bet. But if your limbs are too lazy to move, then here are some options to click away at.

If pockets are what your man wants then these cargos have a pocket for every one of Brad and Angie’s kids, and then some. They’re cool, relaxed and I’m digging the drawstring detail at the waist.

From the color to the front pockets these Levis are a great copy cat.

These might be my favorite. Cargos are definitely a causal look, but I’m liking that these are a bit more tailored, giving it a more refined feel.

Lastly, check out these True Religons. They’ve got some good deep pockets, a bit of knee detail that give a similar effect as Brad’s, and an overall manly feel.

Hope this helps, N! xx

UPDATE: Thanks to Jessica for making me look bad – her hard core sleuthing found the EXACT cargos Brad was wearing here.