Written by Sasha

Hi Sasha, what do you think of the current hair tinsel trend? Have you seen this? I first saw it on one of the Beverly Hills Housewives and thought it was a bit showy and tacky. Not for me. However, lately I've spotted it on some actual people in my town. I live in a small town outside of San Francisco not known for being particularly fashionable so I'm still not sure if this is a silly trend for Tweens or something kinda fun I should invest in. BTW, I'm 41and all of the women I've seen with these are well above my age. What do you think? Dany

Hair tinsel, you say? Hmmm.

I just googled this and whoa….I’m officially concerned that this is a thing people think is okay to do. And I know, I know, you would assume due to my Gilbert Grape taste in TV I’d be sold that RHOBH are also down with this look, but people, I’m at least sane enough to know those crazy ho’s have some wack ass style.

Now Dany, I don’t want to come off like a total bitch face but there’s no way you should be doing this. Like, ever.

And if you’re still confused as to why, please answer the following questions:

1.Are you a competitor in Toddlers and Tiaras?
2.Is today Halloween?
3.Is your name Beyonce?

If your answers were all NO, then hair tinsel is not for you.

Dearest Sasha,
I have cankles. You know thick ankles? Hate them so much. No exercise can slim them down. And I'm very thin in my upper body. Imagine Kate Hudson from the waist up and Hillary Clinton from the waist down. Mjm, I know. I live in a very hot weather, so, I have to wear shorts or capris at any moment, specially when I take my kids to swimming lessons, or sometimes I like to wear a knee length dress, and the biggest issue is, what shoes to wear so the ankles don't look ever worst. Love,M

I’m not gonna front like cankles are amazing but M, you gotta make do with what you have and if the rest of you is Kate Hudson - you’re in good shape. But there are a few do’s and don’ts that you’ll need to follow. The number one rule is to make sure you don’t wear shoes that have straps that land right on your ankle bone, so that means no Mary Janes for you. What you do want to do is make the longest line possible from the hem of your shorts/skirt to the top of your shoes. So if I were you I’d start by hiking up that hemline to above your knee as opposed to right at the knee. The more leg you show, the better.

Here are some styles to stick to. T-strap shoes are a good leg lengthener. And if you’re looking for something super casual and comfortable try these Birks. I have the black patent ones and they’re basically decaying off of my feet from wearing them so much – I love them. And if you want to step up the cute factor these Stuart Weitzman sandals are great and so are these ones.

Now to mix things up, my next style tip is brought to you by our favorite toddler – SURI CRUISE! YAY! And M, on her latest shopping spree in Vancouver, it was like she was talking right to you. Here Suri demonstrates that peep toes are great for a cankle! But what kind of peep toe is important. As she points out, the shoe on the right with the strap is not the good choice however the one on her left - DING DING DING -that’s the winner. This shoe will totally lengthen the look of your leg; and if I can hammer the point home one more time it’s all about revealing more skin, especially the top of your foot. Now while Suri can afford Jimmy Choos, you may not, so here is one casual option and one dressier option that we commoners can afford.

So M, I hope Suri and I have helped you out and if we haven’t blame it on that lil' bitch.

Dear Sasha, I have a fashion dilemma that I need needs your attention! So, I'm a pregnant lady, coming in on my last trimester and I'm feeling... huge. Not necessarily in the spots where you're supposed to feel huge either, like your belly... but in the calf and foot area. Did you know your feet apparently GROW when you're pregnant?! Anyway, I feel like I have good style and I have been trying my best to not to look like I've given up, but with all this swelling, I'm starting to feel like the high boots and heels aren't worth the last few weeks of pain I must endure in order to look cute. I need your advice for a warm shoe option that will work with my skinny jeans and leggings paired with tunics and cardis to get me through the rest of my pregnancy. It also needs to be effortless to pull on, does that exist?! I should also mention that I work in a fairly lax office, everyone is pretty casual and anything goes. Puffy and Pregnant

Get ready to get your hate on because PP, I’m about to dole out some pretty unfashionable advice. Buy some Uggs (or Ugg-wannabees)

Everyone can talk a good game about how they’re ugly as sh-t and yah, they’re not fashion forward in the slightest, but damn, they ARE comfortable. I just got my first pair a couple of months ago and every time I put them on I feel like I’m wearing clouds on my feet. They’re the perfect errand shoe and while you’ll obviously have to remember there’s a time and place for them, if you’re in a casual environment, Uggs are your answer. And as long as the rest of your outfit is still cute and put together then I’m giving you the go-ahead.

PP, I’m sure all you’re thinking about right now is squeezing that human out of you so until that time comes be as comfortable as possible and if sleeping bags for your feet don’t sound f-cking amazing then I don’t know what else to tell you.

Wow, I have just endorsed Birkenstocks and Uggs….feel free to unsubscribe.

(Lainey: look, I’m not fighting Sasha on any of her style tips. But if you need to check yourself if you’re getting sequined Uggs. Those belong with Hair Tinsel.)