Written by Sasha


I have a pretty random fashion advice question that I've been puzzling over for months and I clearly need expert help. I'm 28 and thanks to some complications from surgery, I'll be walking a cane probably for the rest of my life. The problem: my cane is super orthopedic looking. I'm also getting back into the dating market and the granny cane is not exactly helping me bring the hotness. Here are my cane requirements:

  • Funky/fashionable/cool (well, as fashionable as a mobility aid can be), but not too in-your-face… If it helps, my style right now involves a lot of tall boots, skinny jeans, vintage dresses, brightly coloured blouses and chunky hand-knit Cowichan sweaters.
  • Does not make me look like a shepherd, goth, pimp, old lady, or Karl Lagerfeld.
  • Can withstand a lot of abuse (or possibly even look better with age). Apparently, some of these wooden canes are either incredibly heavy or else really breakable.
  • Is tall enough. I'm 6 foot 2.


Talk about throwing a curve ball my first week back. I’m not going to lie AM, I don’t have a clue about cane trends but I promise I’ll take a stab at it.

Now, on a positive tip it sounds like we share the same fashion sense so that’s a good start, right? However there is one thing we don’t agree on. If I was walking around with a Too Short limp I’d totally go the gangsta route but seeing as you’re against this particular steez, I’ll stay away from pimp cup canes. Your loss.

Right off the bat I’m thinking….DIY. And what pops into my head is when Lainey embraced her inner Aerosmith after busting up her elbow in Cannes. Remember that? She wrapped an Alexander McQueen scarf (#whatahighclassho) around that sucker and rocked it like it was no thang. So I ask you to take inspiration from her and start looking around for rad vintage scarves that you can wrap around the handle of the cane.

Now if that doesn’t do it for you, I’ve spent a sh-t load of hours weeding through websites and good god there’s some crap out there. My favourite so far - a cane that doubles as an umbrella. However if being stuck in the rain, dry yet immobile fails in practicality for you, I’ve managed to come up with a few other options.

So this new line of canes from OMHU is for sure my first pick. They’ve actually been written up in quite a few cool design mags and I really like the simplicity of them. I’m into the turquoise one.

Next if you want to go the vintage route take a look at this one on etsy. It’s a pretty penny but if you plan to have it for years then it’s worth it. And I must say, as far as canes go, it’s pretty special.

Okay this one just made me laugh and I’d totally rock it if I was embracing my inner indie. Think skinny jeans, converse, a white t-shirt, and some hard core big sunglasses. Yes? No? Come on….its only 55 bucks.

And finally my last option is this basic brown wood cane. For everyday use this will totally do the trick and with time it will age and look vintage-y.

AM, I really hope I’ve been able to help you and if I can get real for a moment - whatever you end up choosing will be cool because you’ll make it look cool. It’s all about how you own it – ya know? Good luck with finding a cane and a new man!

I have a dilemma and I think Sasha can help. I’m 4.5 months pregnant and desperately trying to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes (I’m delusional, I know!). It has become an obsession of mine to avoid maternity stores as though I will burst into flames at the mere sight of one. Now - I did step foot in one the other night and although I didn’t combust I certainly puked in my mouth. The best thing this store had going for them is culottes and well…please. The other problem I have is spending $300 for a pair of skinnies I’ll wear for 4 months. If I want to make it through this pregnancy without looking like Michelle Duggar I need help and FAST. A

A, Now that most of my friends are procreating I’ve been really surprised to see that maintaining their own personal style hasn’t been such a difficult task. My friend Lara, who is truly glowing right now, told me about this site called Isabella Oliver and hold on to that fetus of yours - they’re having a sale! Here are some things that caught my eye.

This wrap dress, please, it’s stunning.

This tunic, fu-k, can I buy it too?

Um, shut up. This maxi dress is the sh-t.

Angie wore this with the Messiah? Amazing.

Skinny jeans with a built in elastic waist – sold!


The perfect trench coat.

Another couple of sites worth checking out are of course Gap Maternity and Thyme Maternity. Also, H&M is a great place to hit up for basics. Buy a bunch of long tight tunic tanks, throw on an unbuttoned cardigan and if you don’t want to invest in mat jeans then buy (if you haven’t already) the Bella Band that attaches to the button of your pants. As long as your belly is the only thing expanding you might be able to get away with just that for the rest of your pregnancy. I think when it comes to dressing for your new shape the key is to go tight on the belly and then throw on something over top that has a bit more flow to it. A, I hope this helps!

P.S. I just found out over the holiday that sometimes when you’re giving birth you push so hard that your ass, your actual ass, can be pushed outside of you. I mean, WHAT.THE.F-CK!

What do you think of mixing gold and silver jewellery? I’m really into the big gold chunky men’s watches – however all my other jewellery is silver. Can I wear both at same time? The watch I am wanting is the gold oversized Michael Kors one. Thanks! MB

Mixing gold and silver has always been up for debate but if you were to ask any fashion editor they would absolutely give the thumbs up on mixing and matching. And I agree. But the trick is how you do it and for me it’s all about keeping things pretty delicate. So DON’T mix big chunky silver accessories with equally big chunky gold accessories.

What I’m saying here is if your big gold watch is the focus - let it be the focus. But of course feel free to incorporate a really delicate silver necklace, silver bubble studs, or even a few thin silver bracelets into the mix. Another key is overlapping the metals which I think helps tie in the look. Ex. A cute gold necklace over a thin silver chain. That way the hit of gold around your neck will bring it back to the gold of your watch. So MB, to really pull this look off right you’ll need to buy a few gold accessories.

One final tidbit. I’d also just suggest trying on the big silver MK watch just to see what you think. It’s still a statement but you might get a bit more everyday use out of it. Just saying….

(Lainey: for those of you wondering about Sasha. This is Sasha. I have already teased about the Beyonce pose. In her defence, she may have been drunk. Look at the tube station sign behind her.)