Written by Sasha

It’s that time of the year again where I look at my wardrobe and want to burn it all. So instead of turning into a pyromaniac, I'm gonna spark things up on the fashion post.

I've found three celebrity looks that I scouted out this week that I love. I'm gonna break down their outfits, and then we're going to rip off their style and make it our own -- Catharsis!


I’ve always said that when I’m pregnant I plan to ho’ it up. Like, I want to wear skin tight see-through sh-t 24/7. I may change my mind when the day comes, but when I look at this picture of January Jones, I know it’s possible to still be sexy when there’s a human brewing inside of you. In other news, I was informed last night that on top of your ass being pushed outside of your body after birth, you also apparently stink a few weeks after!!! Come on, seriously? Why am I just finding about this now?

Okay back to January. For all you women out there who are struggling to find something to wear, I really think this is a great daily uniform. Fine, you don’t have to go with such a transparent top but if you can work it, I say go for it.

Sheer Top: You can pick up this burnout style top just about anywhere. But to narrow down your search try Alternative Apparel (she’s actually wearing ‘Modal Boyfriend Tee’), LNA or H&M. My favorite though is Aritzia’s Wilfred Free to Breathe T-Shirt. I have two and I live in them. They are crazy comfortable, have the perfect hang and are just the right amount of transparency.

Bra: You can easily walk your ass into any department store but if you’re looking to treat yourself order this Cosabella bra in black. Again, I’m vouching for it. It’s adorable and super soft. I don’t know what pregnancy jugs are all about but if you do need more support then this one is a good option as well.

Knit: Now you can buy the exact one January is wearing here. It’s under 200 bucks and is damn nice. But if you want something a tad more affordable, that will give the same effect, check this one out, or oh even this one.

And finally, she’s slapped on a pair of black boots like these suckers. But because it’s getting warmer out, I’d ditch the boots and throw on a pair of TOMS or TKEES and call it a day.

So there you have it! So easy, right? And what’s great about this entire look is that you’ll still be able to hold on to these pieces – well maybe not the bra - after your ass and your baby’s popped out.


Next, Kate Holmes. (BTW, I will never get over the name change – isn’t that a warning sign that you’re with a gay man, I mean, a controlling man?) For the most part I find her red carpet style a bit sketch -- more often than not she rocks some wacky proportions that make her look a bit like a sack. But where she always succeeds? Casual wear. And this look is just what I’m talkin’ about. It’s simple and flattering for all body proportions. So let’s break it down:

White scoop neck t-shirt:
You can figure this one out on your own, but for some cheap tees hit up a Joe Fresh, Target, Winners, and Gap.

Grey cardigan: You should always have a black and grey cardigan in your closet – it’s a must and the perfect staple. And this one from Talbots is pretty spot on. It actually looks nicer than the one she has on and is probably 1/10th the price.

Brown Belt: The key here is to find a belt that’s skinny. I love finding vintage belts, and these are great to klepto from your dad, but if that’s not an option here's a perfectly affordable one.

Blue Jeans: For my list of favorite denim click here. To get this exact look try and find a slim mildly cropped silhouette.

Desert boots: I adore her ankle cut boots. Top Shop had a great pair but they sold out in a flash. So your next best option is these Jeffrey Campbell ones. They are spot on.

To round out the whole look you’ve got sport some good shades and in this case, “Kate’s” opted for some big square ones. Obviously the price point can vary, so here’s a low, a mid and a high priced option. But if you’re like me, you’ll go the cheap end because my sunglasses would rather live under my ass then on my head.


Now onto a person whose real name is actually Kate. Kate Middleton. You are still royally f-cked up, right? You want to inhale everything about her, right? Well, thank god the girl wears sh-t that’s totally attainable. As Lainey mentioned on Tuesday, the dress is by Reiss. So if you know someone living in the UK, I’d get down on your knees and offer up some sexual favors on the double. However, chances are it’s already sold out. So here’s how to copy Kate.

The Dress: It really doesn’t get easier than this dress. Now, I’ll be straight up, it’s probably not the best look if you’re pale skinned but if you’re working a summer tan, you’ll look hawt. I found a pretty damn good copy cat dress at Macy’s, so get on that sh-t before it sells out too. And if tan isn’t your color then go for a solid black or even a red. You should check out Jeanne Beker’s clothing line EDIT (sold at the Bay) for this dress. Seriously, I always see her wearing it around the office -- it’s fantastic and best of all timeless.

You’ll never see her stacked up and bangled to the tits like my lover J-LO, which is why Kate’s style is so easy. All her lines are clean and effortless. So let’s start with her heels. I’m quick to point out that they are NOT kitten heels so to all my ladies, this is as low as you’ll ever want to go. Agreed? Click here for a similar steez. The next accessory is a black oval clutch. Check out some cheap-ass options here, here and here. Finally she topped off the look with a gorgeous statement necklace. While it’s probably a royal hand-me-down it still provides inspiration. So when looking to recreate this look, make sure to find something that is on the chunkier side and sits right at the collar bone. Dare I say choker? I actually found a stunning vintage necklace on ETSY…..Who wants to call dibs on it? As for the emerald and diamond rock…um, you’re on your own.

PS. Feel free to email me your favorite celebrity looks when you spot something you like and I’ll recreate that sucker for you. And keep on sending your style questions in!!! xx

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com
and Splashnewsonline.com