I just watched Adele's "Someone Like You" video, and have fallen in love with what little pieces of her jacket that I saw.  If you could track down the jacket - and while I'm at it, some similarly stylish winter coats for us curvy girls - I'd appreciate it!-M

I heart Adele, she's the f-cking best. Just please tell me she won't get consumed by fame and turn into an asshole?  I figure the only way for that not to happen is if she takes a page from someone like a Kelly Clarkson or Lauryn Hill.  Right?  Like, churn out amazing music, tour, and then peace out until there's something new to promote. Anyway, I can’t talk about it anymore – it’s stressing me out - so let’s get back to her coat.  

It’s straight off the Moschino Fall 2010  runways and it’s the sh-t.   But M, if you’re not rolling in the deep dough (wink), here are some great options:  

I’m putting my best fashion foot forward with this coat.  And hey hey, it’s Moschino as well.  If you don’t buy it right now there might be something wrong with you.

This Margiela is definitely my pick.  I adore the relaxed fit and if the zipper is what caught your eye on Adele’s coat, then this one ups the style ante with two.   

However, if you look better in something a bit more fitted then check out this coat by Laundry.  Super timeless and streamlined.  

Next, you can never go wrong with a good houndstooth print and if that floats your boat click here.

Finally, take a look at this great look by Nine West.  A couple of questions:  When did Nine West start making coats? And why don’t I own it already?

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