Sasha, Help! I must have Goop's wing pendant necklace - I like how long it is and how thick the chain is, as well as the size of the actual wing. It's probably out of my price-range (does Goop do cheap?) but I'd like to find it anyway. Please help!  I'm talking about the long bronze-looking one, not the short silver. Thanks! L

I hate to break your heart, but that wing is actually a horn, and unfortunately G’s is a one of kind vintage find.  I'm sure it’s from that same little place she bought 'her friend' that 'birthday gift', ugh.  But don’t jump out the window just yet; I have some goodies that you might like even better. Ready?

You know I can’t resist Etsy, so here’s an idea!  Buy this super cheap vintage horn pendant, attach it to any ol’ chain, and you’ll be good to go.  

Keeping on the DIY tip check out this Isabel Marant necklace.  I love the look of the pendant, but I’m not feeling the chain it’s on all that much.  So switch that sucker up with something that has an estate feel, and ta-dow..automatic flyness.

But fine, if you’re not down for arts and crafts then peep this necklace by Max and Chloe. It might not have the same sparkle as Goopy’s, but I like the simplicity of it far better. And come on, that chain is pretty similar....

Lastly, I love anything bohemian and turquoise, and this tusk pendant necklace is straight up beautiful.
Happy shopping! xx

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