Any idea where Rachel McAdams got her hat in today's post of her at the airport? Love love love! Thank you! M

Did I tell you the time I lunched with Rachel McAdams?  And by ‘lunched’ I mean sat one foot away from her? Whatever, same thing.  

I was with my friend Dean last month and instead of getting some dirt street meat we decided to go somewhere with utensils.  We got to the restaurant and I guess we must have looked homeless or some sh-t because the hostess sat us at the very back of the restaurant.  Yes, she put us in the ugly section.

But guess what? The ugly section also doubles as the celebrity section because who got seated right next to us - Rachel and Michael Sheen.  It was just the four of us in no man’s land.  She was wearing this amazing dress, brown knee high boots and yes, the cutest floppy hat ever.  The point of my name dropping story is that, yes, the girl can work a hat!   And before you go biting her style M, just make sure you have the right dome to do it in.  Okay? Okay.

The closest match I could find was this great grey felt Nine West option.  Totally Rachel’s steez and hopefully yours too.

You can never go wrong with anything Stella McCartney.  Granted, it’s on the expensive side of things, but damn, sometimes looking good is debt worthy.

Now if I could interject here with my favorite Rachel hat look… click here.  Adorable and perfect, right?  She works a floppy hat almost as good as Jennifer Lopez.  And if you can work that look too, then click away here and here for some looks that I’m loving.    

Keep your life and style questions coming!  Xx

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