WHY: I know I’ve found a great product when I start running low and begin to panic that somehow it'll be discontinued forever.  This is the kind of anxiety-fuelled love I have for these Almay pads, so people, start buying them now because if they cease to exist one day due to unpopularity, I'll lose my sh-t on you.  

I know they’ve been on the beauty scene for a while, but hey, they’re brand spankin’ new in my daily rotation.  I’ve been using them for the last two months and as expressed above, I can no longer live without them. They wipe away my makeup without ripping off my eyelashes, they’re oil-free meaning no chicken fried grease lids, and because I’m the laziest person on earth I love that each pad is already drenched in the remover.  Praise to my lord and savior Beyonce!

[Here's a tip:  Gently press the pad on your eye for a few seconds before wiping away – this allows the formula a chance to really sink in before it gets down and dirty with the clean-up.]

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