WHY: I'm strictly a jeans wearing girl, but every now and then I like the option of a good black pant, the only problem is I've never found the perfect pair.  No joke, I’ve seriously been on the hunt for about a decade....and zip, zero, zilch.  But finally!!!! Hip to the f-cking hooray I've found the jam of all fashion jams!  I'm telling you, these pants are the best, let me riddle off all the reasons why:

1. The wide cropped cut
This serves up major versatility points!  Pair them with sky highs for a night out or dial it down with a fresh pair of kicks, either way the end result is: fly.

2.  High waist cut
They perch just above the belly button to figure flatter perfection.  And most importantly, they've got enough crotch room so you're not on camel toe watch.  

3, Puckered pleats
I was worried at first that they'd add bulk, but instead they add just the right amount of style intrigue.  Not to mention they play right into the suiting trend that's gonna be a biggie this season.

4. The make you look damn good
For all you females out there like me who are packing some juice in the thighs and ass, these pants drink you up skinny. 

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