WHY: I take public transit every day and if you know anything about the Toronto Transit Commission you’ll know that it’s a living hell.  Like, just take a moment and think of a really horrific experience.  You got one?  Okay, now multiply that by 10, divide that by the movie Contagion and then you’ll sorta be close to what it’s like to ride “The Rocket"  

Want a real life example? 

I sat in human pee yesterday.  I got on the streetcar bright and early feeling pretty positive about life, found an amazing seat by a window- YES!,  sat down, and then cue tears…..I instantly felt my jeans soak up the scent of l'eau de Hobo.  How rank is that?

Thankfully I'm really good at blocking out negative experiences, so I wiped away the welling tears and as soon as I could I stormed into Aritzia.  Right away my style spirits were lifted.  The Canadian chic boutique has teamed up with J Brand to design one of the best pair of jeans I've ever slipped on.  No lie.  They not only fit like a dream, but I’m telling you, I’ve never felt a more comfortable fabric touch my legs in my life.   Trust a sister, they are legit good.

Is this what my people mean by yin and yang?

(Note:   I got the grey-ish mauve pair, but they’re not online right now - in store NOW across Canada and the U.S. – GO!) 

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