Sasha’s INTO IT: Aveda Control Force Hairspray

Sasha Posted by Sasha at May 28, 2014 18:26:35 May 28, 2014 18:26:35



WHY: I'm no hairspray expert, in fact, I couldn't be farther from one.  I maybe, maybe use it once every 5 years, but I almost feel like that puts me in a better position to give an unbiased review.

But I mean, sh-t, the criteria for hairspray is pretty straightforward; it needs to hold sh-t in place without giving you helmet head, right?  I'm telling you, this delivers on both fronts.  I was actually shocked when I tried it – I did a slight curl, then lightly sprayed and dudes, sh-t was locked in solid, but the natural texture of my hair remained.  This deserves two snaps and a twist!

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