WHAT: Melody Ehsani Aztec Maasai Earrings


Have you ever seen anything more fly?  
No way. I don’t believe you.
I know these aren’t for everyone, but let’s be honest, this column is really my own personal circle jerk for things I love and holy sh-t do I LOVE these earrings.  Let me first say that the designer is the real deal – she’s hard core LA rooted, a true lover of hip hop, and her style is as fresh as they come.  Her design creations to me are the definition of cool, and I’m not the only one who agrees. Just take a look at all of her fashion fans:

Erykah Badu, who by the way is now a professional doula. Amazing.
My inspiration for all things lazy, Mariah Carey.
J to the LO – hello!
and wait for it ….Lauryn Hill.  

Come on, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to female musicians, and I’m so excited at the thought of buying these earrings that I’ll even let Jennifer Lopez be part of the compliment.  

In a world where everything looks the same it’s just so refreshing to see something with some fashion POW!  Off to listen to Pharcyde now.

(Note from Lainey: Sasha’s Into It articles are NOT paid endorsements. Paid endorsements on LaineyGossip.com are always clearly marked. These are straight up Sasha obsessions.)