I'll be honest, I've always snobbed out a bit on the boot brand, BOGS. I just never thought it was my demo, but I'll eat my stupid-ass words because I just found the winter boots of alllllll winter boots. 

I give you the Prairie.

I got them last week and man oh man are they everything I've been looking for. The entire boot is 100% waterproof, they're tall enough for no gross sh-t to leak on in through the sides, the soles have a turbo traction so you don't slip and eat it, and best of all, they're lined with an ultra-cozy wool to keep you majorly warm. And the bonus for me is that you don't have to f-ck around with shoe laces anymore, you pull them on and off, no sweat.

Further proof of how great they are....I'm in Mexico right now and I actually got excited about getting to wear them when I get home. So yeah, they're that good.

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