WHY:   My resolution for 2013 is to downsize everything from my ass to my handbag, but if you were here to witness what I just inhaled then we’d agree that the latter is a more realistic goal at this point.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a big bag that can house enough tampons to soak up a bleeding village, but all the extra bullsh-t of receipts and keys and lipsticks are weighing down heavy on my shoulders.  So before I start walking with a pimp limp it’s time to switch things up, and this gorgeous "double date" bag from Kara is the answer

The shape, the cool compartments, the exposed zipper detail, the lux pebbled leather, I mean, I could go on about all the things I love about it.  So instead I'll just shut up and buy it before you beat me to it. 

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