WHY: As each year goes by God taketh away another hour of my sleep. This year my new wake-up call is 5am. The extreme fatigue I feel at this time of the day is so depressing, and it all plays out under my eyes like a scene from Fight Club. Needless to say I'm always on the hunt to find a product to erase this reality.

I still totally stand by my Garnier roller, I use it religiously, but to add more bang for your bags definitely give this highlighter a go. I got it as a tester and snobbed out thinking it was going to suck ass, but I have to eat crow on this one because it's pretty f-cking great. I use a tiny swish of it starting at my inner eye and then smooth it out with my finger. For whatever reason - because I'm too tired to research it - it leaves things looking oh so fresh and bright.   

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