WHY: You know how some guys stop wearing briefs so that they can gives their boys a breather? Well, I think the same goes for me and my skinny jeans.  I’m saran wrapped in that sh-t 24/7 and it’s not until I slipped into these roomy Fidelity's that I realized how much better life could be physically and emotionally.  

There's so much to love about these jeans - the bordeaux hue, the cool faux suede texture, but what really seals the deal is the fit!  They hang perfectly off the waist and sweep in for a slim fit at the ankle, so whether your sporting heels or kicks you'll be oozing flyness.  Style note:  If you're packing some juice in the hips and ass then I recommend going up two sizes so you can get the right amount of slouch and swagger.

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