WHY:  After years, and I’m talking at least five, of searching for the perfect under eye concealer I’ve finally found the gem of all gems.I don’t know if this product is new or not, but it’s new to me so just go with it.
Now I should tell you that if you’re looking for Kim Kardashian coverage this ain’t for you.  But if you want medium coverage and something that doesn’t crease, crust and get all sick by the end of the day then get ready to cream your pants – you’ll LOVE it.
Start from your inner eye and roll out – one swipe should do the trick, but for a bit more coverage roll it under your eye a second time.  Then just gently pat down the liquid and you’ll freak out at how quickly it absorbs and blends.
For realz people, I feel like I’ve just hit the beauty jackpot.  
P.S.  The drawback is it only comes in two shades. So for all my darker skin toned sisters they don’t have a good match for you, so let’s all email and yell at them for some god damn beauty equality!

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