WHY: I like trees, I like the smell of patchouli, and I like Cowichan sweaters- the equal sum of these parts is what makes me a BC girl for life.  And Granted is one of those lines that not only makes me miss home desperately, but it manages to capture the coolness of true west coast style.  

I really love everything – from this vest, to this toque (which I own), and to the ultimate - this sailor knit (Lainey: which I own(ed) until my dickhead puppy wrecked it and I wept a LOT and I promise you it was worth ever tear.)  I’m saving up to buy one for me and my man so we can bust out like Will and Jada.  Oh, this just made me think of something….remember the time Jada was in a rock band?  Watch below.  The head banging, the outfit, the one leg up on the speaker, the seriousness ….Jesus, it’s so so so heinous, but I never want it to stop.  I think Jada is my new favorite celebrity.