WHAT: History + Industry


WHY: Chanel flaunted its luxury message all up and down the Grand Palais the other day.  From that redonk monster truck steering wheel of a “bag” to the beautiful confetti colored clothes, it was a rich woman's wet dream. 

But what I think I loved the most was the showing of all those big ass pearl necklaces, and yes, this is where History + Industry comes in. Okay, fine they’re not fresh water jewels, but dang, these bold wooden bead necklaces are giving Karl a run for his money.  The collection is filled with bright colors and sharp architectural shapes, yet each piece is still coated in prettiness. 

Oh and side note: Jennifer Lopez’s 4-year-old daughter wore $2,410 worth of Chanel accessories when she was sitting front row.  Shall we all smash our heads into the computer screen in unison?

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