Tinted lip conditioners are always such a letdown – there never seems to be enough color punch in them at all.  So I’ve gotta admit, I was pretty meh when ILIA landed on my desk, but holy sh-t I need to eat it because my jaded ass was wrong.   

I seriously haven’t fallen in love with a lip lacquer like this in a long time.  It's my new favorite.  I have the Crimson and Clove and sorry, but I’m going to start yelling….IT IS NEXT LEVEL AMAZING!!!!!! The pink and red blend is the perfect in your face shade and it lasts hella long.  

Proof:  Today I had two teas, a bottle of water and a roti all before noon and my pucker was still in good form. People, that’s three hours of high performance right there.   
Beyond just the great color and texture though, the added bonus is that the product is made from 85% certified organic botanicals.  So that means you can slather it on morning, noon and night and if you’re like me, you won’t be paranoid of dying from lead poisoning.  If that’s not a win/win then I don’t know what is….

(Lainey: coincidentally Hayley just wrote about Ilia in her post today too - click here if you missed it - and she and Sasha don’t share articles. Must mean something, right?)

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