WHY: Toronto is knee deep in sunshine right now (sorry Western Canada for the sh-t end of the global warming stick) and while I love me some heat in the day, it’s not my friend at night.  There is nothing more heinous than trying to sleep in thick hot beefy air. 

I’ve been doing everything to combat it:  my fan is on full blast (watch THIS for a mental picture), not one shred of sheet is touching my skin, I’m even taking cold showers before I jump in the sack and STILL my sweat is sweating. It’s a bad scene, so my mission has been to find some super lightweight pajamas. After a few hours of internet trolling I found the Josie set. They’re adorable, mega cheap and the fabric is paper thin. Sh-t Yeah!

Usually I'd give you a head start on buying them, but too bad suckers they're already in my cart. 

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