WHY:  I know about that giraffe chew toy, the diaper genie and well, that pretty much sums up my comprehension on baby stuff.  I'm sure when I create a human being of my own I’ll be all over the latest trends and trinkets, but for now I could give two sh-ts.  However when I saw these super adorable latch catchers I had to share them with you because aren’t they so damn ingenious?!   

I'm sure there are a lot of moms giving me the "oh that’s so 89 weeks ago" < because for some reason when you become a mother your ability to talk in months and years like you have for your entire life suddenly becomes disabled in your brain > but this is for all you new moms out there trying to sleep train your little ones with as much ease as possible. 

Now of course you could DIY this, and sure, I guess you could tape toilet paper to your door, but that’s just a waste of time when you can click and buy one of these for under 10 bucks. 

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