WHY: We’ve talked about my preteen days of shaving my eyebrows like Kris Kross, right?  If not, that’s my belated Christmas present to you. 

Full disclosure: my brows are jacked – always have been, always will be.  I fill those suckers in every day with shadow and an angled brush, but for 2013 I’ve introduced this MAC product into my daily regime.  I use it to fill in the arches and of course those hip hop bald spots, and in just a few moments I have adult human eyebrows.

This pencil is like nothing I’ve used before; it’s almost a bit of a magic trick.  It looks like a pencil but goes on like powder.  It's pretty freaky how the consistency changes into this great velvet matte as soon as you start drawing them in.  The pencil also comes in 5 different shades, so from ginge to dark brunette they’ve got you covered.  Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

(Beauty tip:  A little goes a long way so make sure to apply with light pressure)

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