WHY: I keep finding these kickass jewelry lines and I think to myself that there’s no way I’ll love anything as much, and then, I guess because I’m a total fickle f-ck, I stumble on another collection I love even more.  

But this time I think it’s official -   MANIAMANIA has swooped in and taken the top spot in my heart.  From the double wrapped quartz necklaces to the brassed out zodiac bracelets, each piece is overwhelmingly beautiful in its mystical whimsy.  So much so that the only thing left to do is jump on Falkor bareback, wrap my arms around Atreyu and ride into Fantasia. 
(Note from Lainey: Sasha’s Into It articles are NOT paid endorsements. Paid endorsements on LaineyGossip.com are always clearly marked. These are straight up Sasha obsessions.)