Sasha’s INTO IT: Margiela X H&M Collaboration

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WHY:  I was in New York this week for the H&M Margiela collaboration.  It was a stellar party!  But every time I’m thrusted into the world of Hollywood’s elite I always learn something new. So I thought I’d share with you the three things I learned. 

#1 - Kanye West is an amazing douche. 
Buddy slow-walked past every media outlet (40 countries worth) and the only words he uttered was “I don’t do interviews”.  Look, I get it, you don’t want to stop and chat – fine – but do us all a favor then and move the f-ck along.   There’s nothing lamer than a celebrity who doesn’t “want” to do interviews, but I have to say it’s even lamer to make comment like he did INTO A MICROPHONE, INTO A CAMERA LENS.  God, he’s such a delusional ego maniac.  I love him and I never want him to change.

#2 - Hollywood publicists are dicks. 
Boy oh boy do some of them have some major roid rage. An example?  I went to ask a certain fashionable A-lister a question because, you know, you always have to try, and this famous femme’s personal publicist basically karate chopped the microphone out of my hand.  There is no sarcasm here when I say this was obviously the highlight of my night. 

#3 - The shoes are rad.
This collaboration is by far one of the coolest the high street brand has ever put out.  I know it’s not everyone’s bag, but I’m telling you.....the collection of plexi wedge shoes are phenomenal.  They come in three colors (red, black, nude) and they also made a pair of fly black leather booties.  Pack a tent, throw on some warm clothes, and line your ass up on November 15th to get yourself a pair.

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