Sasha’s INTO IT: Original Sprout Miracle Detangler

Sasha Posted by Sasha at April 18, 2012 18:21:44 April 18, 2012 18:21:44



I don’t mess with the mane.  I shampoo, condition and beach spray it.  I don’t even run a brush through it because those little dread lock knots that form in the back actually give me some extra needed volume.  

However in the last month I’ve introduced this product into the mix and I can’t say enough great things about it.  A couple of spritzes out of the shower and my hair is miraculously detangled (ahem, hence the name) yet it still manages to give me some oomph and definition in the beach wave department.   

It gets better….  

The spray is also 100% vegan, so it’s not only healthy for your hair, but hey! with Earth Day on the way it’s also a nice deed for our planet.  Which by the way hates us SO.MUCH.

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