WHY: The internet once told me that by the end of summer your sandals /flip flops are covered in fecal matter.  This is truly one of the sickest turds of information I’ve ever read.  So guess what, that probably means at some point, if not many, your bare feet have come into contact with steaming sh-t.  I don’t know about you, but suddenly socks and sandals seem like the less gross option here.   

Point is you should all be cleaning your dawgs when you get home.  I always wash my feet – not only does it feel so much better, but need I remind you again, there is probably sh-t on your feet. I’m going to barf. 

Here’s where this foot spray comes into play – it’s so awesome and refreshing (keep the bottle in your fridge for optimal cooling); a few spritzes and your feet are totally de-stankified.  Dudes, if you don’t buy this I really have to question if we have the same morals and values in life.

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