WHAT: PRINCESSE tam tam Homewear


WHY:  From the moment I walk through the door at home, my pajamas are on in a flash.  Nothing brings me more joy than being comfortable. (Lainey: this is a very Asian thing. . North Americans, they don’t change when they come home. They walk around in jeans in their house until bedtime. This is crazy.)  But over the years my cute little pj’s have progressively gotten worse.  Like, right now I’m sitting on the couch wearing my husband’s 15 year old boxers that literally have one tiny string of elastic left in the waistband and big gaping holes everywhere.  I wish I was joking, but I’m not.  It’s disgusting, but oh my lord are they ever comfortable.   So yes, I need to tighten up my fashion game at home.

The other month I checked out a preview for Princesse tam tam and I’m telling you, every jersey piece is like rubbing a million baby bunnies on your skin –it’s mental how soft the fabric is.  The line is filled with a slew of great simple separates, and they’re super flattering as well.  But the one standout piece for me is their jumpsuit (picture below).  So good, right?

Anyway the moral of this story is if you’re walking around in rags in your own home like I am or you’re just in need of some new comfy loungewear pieces check them out.