WHY: Jeans are part of my every day uniform and I don’t mess around – I either wear a dark indigo or black and that’s that.   But this season I plan to finally mix it up with some printed denim because I’m a sucker for fleeting trends.  

I’ve long been a devoted fan of Genetic Denim and you know how I feel about my J Brand Maria’s, but my new favorite is 7 for Mankind.  The label totally dropped off my radar for a while, but I recently bought some skinnies and I’m now a new found follower – the fit is fantastic, it’s like my ass has a perma smile all day long.  And for spring / summer they have two great prints that I adore.  

The first pair I’m digging features an awesome geometric pattern.  I tried them on the other day and at first I was terrified to look at my thighs, but surprisingly they’re damn cute and flattering.  Throw on a t-shirt, a heather grey sweatshirt or even a prepped out collared shirt and flyness will ensue.

Next, florals are by far the strongest style movement for the season, so if you can embrace your inner Laura Ashley then take a look at their blossomed out denim.  Love them!  Now if those are a bit too busy for your stems then I found another pair by Canadian designer Calla.  Her collection is the sh-t and she just released a rad botanical pair that is exclusive to ASOS and Opening Ceremony.  Click here to check them out.  

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