WHAT:  Prospekt Supply Windbreaker


WHY: If you've been reading my posts for a while then you’ll know how terrified I am about our planet going to sh-t. In 40 years scientists estimate that a quarter to a third of the world’s species will be committed to extinction, our ice caps are melting at an alarming rate (WATCH CHASING ICE) and as the planet gets hotter we’re seeing more and more wacked out weather. Which leads me to today’s INTO IT. 

In just less than a month Canada saw two major f-cking rainstorms. I was waiting for a streetcar in Toronto back in July when the skies literally unleashed a flood onto my face. It was crazy, but damn, had I had this water-resistant windbreaker I would have literally been ready to weather the storm. 

The design is sleek and simple, yet all the little touches from the zipper to the waxed out drawstrings makes this a little piece of luxury. The best part is it comes in a light easy to carry pouch, so that the next time Mother Nature wants unload a weather bukaki on your ass you’ll be prepared.

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